Crayon Shin Chan Do you want to draw my Kuji?

We don’t usually see Crayon Shin Chan appearing in Kuji set mainly because it’s an old series, but they have an upcoming movie on 24th April 2021, so makes sense they came out with a Kuji to capitalize on the hype.

Retail Price: SGD12

Total Tickets: 66 Tickets

Released Date: April 2021

The ticket cost is cheaper as it’s a plush Kuji and the overall tickets is lesser too so higher chance for you to get the top prizes.

Prize A (3 pieces)

Were you expecting anyone else to be the A prize apart from Shin Chan himself? This plush is adorable! It’s great for display and a good plush to hug as well. If you are a fan of Shin Chan you would want to get your hands on this plush since it’s a unique posture that has never been released before in past Kuji set. Also 3 pieces in a set, so more people can pull this.

Prize B (3 pieces)

Just in case you are mistaken, this is not exactly a plush. It looks like the same posture from Prize A but Shiro here is a tissue box that is stuffed into a plush, so this is mainly a tissue box! You can still use as a display plush but since they give you the tissue box you can use it for that too. Also very adorable and attractive too. Very happy they gave us 3 pieces too so more of us get to enjoy this.

Prize C (12 pieces)

We have mini plates next and the design is rather simple, gives you the feels from the anime from the old days. Not that bad actually.

There are 6 designs, each with 2 pieces in a set. They are blind boxes so you cannot choose and if you intend to collect all 6 you need to do a little hunting.

Prize D (24 pieces)

The design for the notebook cover is legit, it really gives out the Shin Chan feels and the quality of the notebook is the good kind, binder and ribbon so makes up for a good consolation prize!

There are 6 designs, each with 4 pieces in a set, they are not blinded so feel free to choose your favorite!

Prize E (24 pieces)

Okay you know this will eventually come. Towels are always the lackluster prize that buyers don’t want to draw. The designs are great, take nothing away from them, the quality is good too (if you haven’t use any Kuji towel, you can try using, they are very good and durable). But for $12 I don’t think anyone would want a towel out of it.

There are 8 designs, each with 3 pieces in a set, not blinded too, so easy to collect all 8 since you can pick what you want.

Last Prize

In case you didn’t manage to pull Shin Chan, you can go for the last prize! It’s the same posture just that he is in the police uniform (like in the movie) rather than his usual clothes. If you want both variant then buying out is the only way to go. A good prize to motivate a buy out, at least good enough to make people buy out at least 10 tickets.


Shin Chan Plush4.55%
Shiro Tissue Box Plush4.55%


Probability of getting at least one top prize (A or B)Tickets Bought


This set is quite decent, nothing too bad but not too good as well, the top prizes are adorable so people will definitely buy a few tickets to try out their luck but the towels are quite turn off and there are so many of them in a set. If you are a fan of Shin Chan, I would suggest maybe 4 tickets to try your luck and then just move on to other Kuji, you shouldn’t pay so much for a plush and also do note that you are highly likely to get towels and notebooks from your pulls.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design7: Depending on how you see it, this set definitely have a simplistic design due to the fact that it is trying to fit into the older comics feels, but overall quite decent.
Top Prizes8: Very nice plush that are adorable that will attract fans naturally.
Small Prizes6: The plates are decent, notebooks are good but towels, they will just make things worst.
Last Prize7: A different variant from the A prize, very adorable too and if you want the movie theme costume then buying out is the only way to go.
Monetary Value6: Your $12 will end up with mostly a notebook or a towel, so give and take, you shouldn’t feel too bad about it.
Collection Value7: The plates can be a little challenging to collect but you can always buy or trade for them so not much of an issue, very little prizes to collect and also looks good if you have a full set of all prizes, definitely will make your collection more worthy.
Overall68.33% B-. This set as we can see is decent, good top prize to attract buyers and small prizes don’t feel too special and feels like a set just to hype up the movie or use the movie to promote sales, nothing much if you missed out this set so just buy a few tickets and move on.

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