Sumikkogurashi Part 23

We get our regular quarterly released of San-X Kuji and this time we have Sumikkogurashi. San-X Kuji are a little better, the top prizes can be chosen since there are multiple of them but they do not have last prize so depending on how you look at it, this can be a very good or very bad Kuji set.

Retail Price: SGD12

Total Tickets: 100

Released Date: April 2021

The total ticket for San-X Kuji is really scary, with no last prizes retailers will really have to hope for the best to move their tickets, as for buyers, 100 tickets means more people can buy the product but also means harder to get the top prize. Ticket cost is usual, $12 for San-X Kuji.

Music Note Prize (4 pieces)

The top prizes for all San-X item will always feature plush toys, here is no different. The theme is fruits so we see the main 4 characters’ plush, each featuring a fruit of their choice! They all look adorable and very fitting of the theme. They look naturally good without exaggerating the costumes to fit the theme.

There are 4 pieces, 1 for each character, you can choose which one you want, so do pull early as some of them are more popular and might be taken first.

Diamond Prize (2 pieces)

Only in San-X Kuji you will get scenario where there are more big plush than small plush, either way Tonkatsu and Ebi are the small plush toys for this set and they fit the fruit theme as well! The both of them can combine together to make a cherry plush, so more motivation for you to get both.

There are 2 designs, 1 piece for each in a set, not blinded but I feel if you have one you would want to get your hands on the other.

Club Prize (4 pieces)

Tote bags were the small and common prizes from the previous set so very weird to see it as the medium tier prize for this set, that being sad, it has very good design and it’s big and durable. Only issue I have is that they could have given more of these to us, I mean it’s only tote bags so I don’t see why they cannot gave us more quantity of this.

Spade Prize (6 pieces)

The tumblers are cute, I mean everything here is pretty cute because it’s Sumikko. They make a good medium tier prize but again if Sanrio Lottery can give you a tumble as a small prize, why do they have to make this so sacred.

There are 2 designs, 3 piece each in a set, you can choose which design you want when you pull them.

Star Prize (28 pieces)

This is crazy, towels are not the lowest tier prize in the set! That tells you a lot about the Kuji set here. The designs are fantastic, they featured all main characters along with their small friend and also fitting to the fruit theme! They are just regular small towels and the funny thing here is that they are not exactly very easy to get. There are 2 towels in each set so that’s great.

There are 2 designs, each with 12 pieces in a set, not blinded but hard to get everything.

Heart Prizes (56 pieces)

The fans have good design, all featuring the whole gang. So design aside, I feel it’s a downgrade from the previous side. The small and common prize we had were the tote bags and over here we have fans. In Singapore they can be useful but then would people actually be okay to pay $12 to get a fan? Probably not. They are so many of them in a set and the nicer thing they could do is make a better prize, or at least give us 2 pieces in a prize.

There are 4 designs, 15 pieces each in a set, not blinded but even if they were to do blinds you can get them easily since they are so damn common.


Big Plush4%
Small Plush2%
Tote Bag4%


Probability of getting anything other than towels or fans / plush prizeTickets Bought
16% / 6%1
50.79% / 22.23%4
71.7% / 36.06%7
91.2% / 57.64%13


As much as I hate to say this to a Sumikko set, I feel that San-X Kuji is one of the worst Kuji out there. The ratio of the top prizes to the small prizes is too much difference and the prizes are not even that good, I mean we have Ichiban Kuji that does Sumikko way better and offer better odds to get the plush. At the end of the day, it’s just plush, so I don’t think anyone should overbuy anything, if you think this set attracts you maybe at most 5 tickets to try your luck then just move on.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design8: Overall them looks great, not too complicated
Top Prizes8: Very nice plush with suitable theme and even though there are Sumikko plush released before, this feels very fresh.
Small Prizes3: Even the medium tier prizes don’t look as good as previous series. The small prizes here are really very underwhelm, design is good but not attractive enough to make people being okay to get so much of them.
Last Prize0: Nothing here.
Monetary Value3: Unless you are super okay with $12 to get towels or fans, I think you have better odds elsewhere and you should spend the money somewhere else.
Collection Value5: Getting all the top prize will be a challenge and collecting all of them would make your collection look good, but truth be told, only the full set of the plush will be valuable in the long run.
Overall45% D. I think it’s not surprised to see this kind of result. From underwhelming small prizes to meh medium prizes to the rarity to get top prizes plus no last prize to motivate buy out, this is a disaster set and you can’t expect people to pay $12 for a ticket. They really need to do some revision.

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