Sanrio Characters Sanrio Lottery April 2021

Nothing special about the name of this Kuji. Just a regular Sanrio Lottery release that features almost all their characters! Sanrio Lottery cannot be chosen, what you get is what you pull, so fixed designs.

Ticket Price: SGD15

Total Ticket: 70

Released Date: April 2021

Ticket cost is a bit more expensive as the Yen price is a little costly too but for the quality of Sanrio Lottery product it’s quite worth the $15. The total ticket is quite normal for them as well.

Prize 1 (2 pieces)

For one of the previous set for Sanrio Lottery, a table was made as the last prize, so if you really like their table, you can try your luck to win this! Very nice design and a very usable prize too.

Prize 2, 3 (1 piece each)

A very long cushion with 2 designs in each face! I believe everyone would prefer the Melody and Cinnamoroll but the Kerokero Keroppi Hankyodon looks cute too! If you are sick of plush, then the cushion might be more attractive, also they are each rare prizes since there’s only 1 in each set.

Prize 4,5,6,7 (1 piece each)

The cushion seats are just as great as the cushions! They look very cute and usable as well! The characters are very unique too, you have Kuromi and Pochakko which are the Sanrio regulars. And you have the underrated Hankyodon and we also have the rarely seen Wish Memei! All of them are adorable and they are very valuable too since there’s only 1 of each in a set!

Prize 8,9,10 (3 pieces each)

Next we have tote bags, they are the big kind and durable and have the cute Kuromi, Cinnamoroll and Wish Memei as the designs! Fantastic prize to continue from the list of good top prizes.

Prize 11,12,13,14 (3 pieces each)

Towels are next, and I am really not a fan of towels as prizes in general but the towels here are great! They have good quality, they are long and each design is fantastically made! Not a bad prize for your $15.

Prize 15,16 (5 pieces each)

Storage box are great too, they can come in handy and the characters on each design looks great! The color is also match nicely and there are 5 to go around in each set.

Prize 17, 18 (5 pieces each)

This is a very unique prize! It’s a cleaning sponge and can aid you with your house work! The 2 characters look cute too!

Prize 19,20,21,22 (3 pieces each)

OMG how can such a cute item be at the bottom of the list! The tissue case looks gorgeous and makes you want to collect all of them! Wow this is like a top prize in some Kuji series and over here they are giving you as part of a small prize!

Prize 23,24,25 (3 pieces each)

Last but debatably the least, we have cups. Design wise as you can see for Sanrio Lottery standard it’s quite consistent, but as a prize itself, not too fancy but only 9 in the whole set so you shouldn’t be getting tons of these.

Last Prize

This amazing and cute mat looks awesome! Although not the best last prize Sanrio Lottery has ever come up with but it’s decent looking enough to encourage a buy out.


Seat Cushions5.71%
Tote Bags12.86%
Storage Box14.29%
Tissue Box17.14%


Probability of getting at least one top prize (1, 2 or 3)Tickets Bought


As always Sanrio Lottery has a good quality and variety of product, the only drawback is that you cannot choose your prizes but it’s a small issue, you can trade or sell them away for the one you want. The top prizes are good but not super fantastic so do play passively, even if you like all the characters that featured here, play about 7 tickets and move on. Prizes here are great but not till the extend you need to spend few hundred dollars for it.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design9: Consistent effort from Sanrio to give us such amazing designs for each prizes!
Top Prizes8: Cushions and Table are very unique and attractive in their own ways!
Small Prizes8: Most of the small prizes here don’t feel like small prizes that people actually want to get them! Some are not as good but compare to other Kuji set, this one is remarkable.
Last Prize7: A nicely design mat that can encourage people to buy out just for it.
Monetary Value8: Very worth, even if you only buy 1 ticket, regardless of what you pulled, you will feel that you paid for a good product!
Collection Value7: Although it seems hard to get everything but it’s actually just alright, you can trade and buy/sell your way to completion. The prices here are not meant for collection but if you are interested they can make a good asset to keep.
Overall78.33% B+, Really great set that makes you happy regardless of what you pull and all the things are usable in their ways. Nothing bad to say about this set!

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