Love Live School Idol Project 5th Anniversary

Love Live is back once again! This time round as you can see from the poster the top prizes are legit figurines! The past series features small figures or towels so great to see them having a scaled figure!

Retail Price: SGD16

Total Tickets: 81

Released Date: April 2021

The ticket cost is more expensive as the Yen price is way higher at 900 Yen so everyone in the world is paying so much more for the Kuji. The total ticket is a bit different, because the prizes are in multiples of 9 so you have that extra 1 ticket, every character is just as important so each has the same distribution for their prizes in the set.

Prize A (1 piece)

Chika kicks off the set by being the A prize, great looking figure, would have been nice to get more pieces of him in a set.

Prize B (1 piece)

Riko is next, very lovely.

Prize C (1 piece)

Kanan looks great too, don’t worry about not balancing her figure since she is standing on one leg, there’s a stand that comes with her figure.

Prize D (1 piece)

Dia continues this amazing line of figurines

Prize E (1 piece)

You looks great here, I mean You Watanabe. From the distribution you can clearly see that they are going with the 1 piece for each figure distribution in a set.

Prize F (1 piece)

Yoshiko looks amazing. I hope you have a favorite out of the 9 so you can trade or hunt for that figure only instead of all 9, because it’s going to be tough to get all 9.

Prize G (1 piece)

Hanamaru continues the amazing figure line, I like the consistency of Bandai to make all their figurines in a set looks amazing, no complains here for the figure quality.

Prize H (1 piece)

Mari sure looks great. I always wonder why they don’t want to give us more figurines since the ticket is already so expensive, wouldn’t kill if they switch 9 of the small prize to figures right? Probably just wants to earn more from us.

Prize I (1 piece)

Ruby finished off this great line of figure. All of them look amazing and the color combination is so great and makes you want to get all 9 of them!

Prize J (27 pieces)


Normally I would not really like illustration board because of how Bandai makes them, thin and doesn’t feel special but these, these are different! They are thick kind of visual art with very special color paint for them! Look really gorgeous.

There are 9 designs and each has 3 pieces in a set, all are blinded so you have to trade around or hunt for each one if you need to complete.

Prize K (18 pieces)


You can see that the designs for the small prizes features the main characters and this one is no different. It’s a 19cm bottle to compensate your ticket cost and you can either display them or just use them.

There are 9 designs, each has 2 pieces in a set, again they are blinded so really need to test your luck or use some effort to collect them all.

Prize L (27 pieces)


One of the few Kuji that features 2 similar small prizes in the same set. Seeing another illustration board may feel a bit underwhelm but the design here looks so great that you don’t feel so bad about pulling this prize! It’s B5 in size so it’s not small at all, and you can display all 9 of them nicely!

There are again 9 designs, each with 3 pieces in a set, the only non-blinded small prize, so easy to collect.

Last Prize


So if each item features only the 9 of them, the last prize should be a combination of all of them together! The group illustration board looks great, it’s A3 in size and it might not be a figure but it’s something nice. For motivation to buy out I don’t think it’s that strong to attract a buy out but it does give a bit of consolation prize to promote people to at least help buy out the last few tickets.


Any Figure1.23%
Illustration Board (Small)33.33%
Illustration Board (B5)33.33%


Probability of getting at least one Top Prize (A to I)Tickets Bought


The prizes here does look great to justify the expensive cost but then again if you intend to get all 9 characters be it the small prizes or the figurines, it’s going to take lots of luck to pull them or effort and money to find them. Nothing against the set, just a bit hard for collectors to get everything. If you are a fan of the show, you can buy 5 tickets to try your luck, even if you don’t get any figures, the small prizes are not too bad.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design9: Great aura from this set, make all 9 characters look very promising
Top Prizes9: Amazing figurines
Small Prizes7: Not the best but at least not that bad for the prize you paid, feels that like there is at least some effort made.
Last Prize7: A figurine of one of the girls would be good but I think they want to make sure each one is as important so the last prize is an A3 illustration board, not too bad, as least it’s a unique prize.
Monetary Value7: For $16 a ticket it feels very expensive but then the prizes are really not bad so no complains here.
Collection Value7: 2 blinded small prizes and each figurines only have 1 piece in a set, it would be almost impossible to pull all unique items from ticketing alone, you would need to hunt down each remaining prizes. However, the complete set sure is worth and your collection would look complete if you have 9 of them.
Overall76.7% B+, apart from the collection being hard to collect, it’s a pretty good set overall, the tickets are expensive but if you see the small prizes you don’t actually feel ripped off, so that’s a good thing. Everything else looks legit.

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