My Hero Academia Go and Go

MHA is back once again! The poster itself looks great and fans should be excited about this. MHA is one of the hottest Kuji so do act fast if you want to get your hands on this set.

Retail Price: SGD17

Total Tickets: 80

Released Date: April 2021

The total tickets is as usual 80, but the cost of the ticket is more expensive as Singapore do not have the licensing for this set (I believe it’s some toy line licensing issue), shops that brought this are parallel importing the set so that explains the expensive cost.

Prize A (2 pieces)

I don’t recall a MHA set where Midoriya doesn’t kick off the set as the A prize. Not a bad thing though, I mean he is the main character and you should be used to the main character getting a figure every time a new Kuji for the series released. He looks great here, the effect and the jump pose looks gorgeous.

Prize B (2 pieces)

Bakugo is as much of a main character as Midoriya, he is being released for every set too, which isn’t a bad thing as well. He looks amazing with his unique pose and the explosive effect, which differentiate him from earlier series.

Prize C (1 piece)

How does Bandai screw us here? By making the one of the 2 figure that wasn’t release before a unique piece 😦 Uraraka as I mention has never been released before, so feels fresh to see her figure. She looks great despite no effect part for her figure and her signature helmet isn’t present too but who cares, everyone (including me) is just going to go crazy over her figure. This is the rare and expensive figure and you really need luck to get this or you have to spend lots of money to buy from someone who has it.

Prize D (2 pieces)

This is the third time Todoroki appear in the series as a top prize, earlier versions of him looks great but this is on another level! The ice and fire effect looks great on him. He is one of the main character that does not appear often in the Kuji series so if you really like this sculpt then try to hunt for him.

Prize E (2 pieces)

If you haven’t watch the new season of MHA, Shinso appeared in the opening credits which means he should have a bigger role to play in the upcoming season, so seeing him in this set feels fresh as well. He makes his Kuji debut as one of the top prize here and his figure looks great too. Very thankful there are 2 pieces of his figure in this set.

Prize F (24 pieces)

The small prizes in recent MHA feels very dull, the glass looks great in design but not very attractive until I would pay $17 for it. If you don’t intend to use it you can keep it for display.

There are 7 designs, 3 of them have 4 pieces in a set while 4 of them have 3 pieces in a set, not too sure about the distribution but I believe the main 3 boys have more. Either way, you cannot choose as it’s a blind box, so hope you got what you want.

Prize G (26 pieces)

From far it feels like a visual art or a charm, but it’s actually a towel. I mean if there intend to release the towel set at least give us all 20 class A students, but nope they gave us 5 of the characters featured in this set along with Asui, Tokoyami and Denki, which feels kind of random. Totally no hype for towels.

There are 8 designs, I believe Midoriya and Bakugo have 4 pieces each while the rest with only 3 pieces each in a set. These are not blinded so feel free to choose and easier to collect too.

Prize H (21 pieces)

This acrylic charm looks great, for one it features students from class A and B, all 20 of them split into teams and individual ones featuring the main characters from class A and B. Nothing bad about them, probably one of the preferred small prize in the set.

There are 21 designs in this set, 10 teams and 11 individuals, 1 each in a set, so good luck collecting all of them. They are blinded too, which makes collecting all 21 almost impossible.

Last Prize

This is a shiny version of Bakugo, if you think this one looks way nicer and if you really want it, then buying out is the only option. Good motivator to buy out especially if the buyer hasn’t pull Bakugo yet.


Bakugo 2.5%


Probability of getting at least one big prize (A to E) Tickets Bought


This set has great figurines, they look so great and even if you have previous Midoriya, Bakugo or Todoroki figure, you would want to get your hands on this set too! The issue here is the weak small prizes that doesn’t justify the $17 ticket prize. Even at $13 it’s only just worth, let alone $17. If you are really a MHA fan, you can buy 1 or 2 tickets to try your luck, then if you really want to collect it, you would need to pay more since SG won’t have the stock, so for myself I am going to skip it and wait for the next set, if you really don’t have the extra money to collect everything or even some of the things here, just pretend this set don’t exist and wait for the next one!


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design6: This set doesn’t feel like it’s hyping us up to the current season but it does have the usual feels for a new kuji.
Top Prizes9: Amazing figurines
Small Prizes5: Feels like very little effort is made here, probably just copy and pasting from previous sets’ design and idea.
Last Prize7: The shiny effect looks great and it’s a figure so all is well.
Monetary Value3: Your chances on small prizes are really high and really not worth the $17.
Collection Value3: With 2 blind boxes and a rare Prize C, this is going to be a tough one if you intend to collect everything. The small prizes don’t feel like it has any value even if you collect everything, so the effort to hunt really doesn’t justify the collection value. The figures are not bad but hunting Uraraka will be a major issue and I foresee them rereleasing most of the figures in the future.
Overall55% C, I feel bad giving this a C, from the ticket cost to the below average small prize to the difficulty in getting things in this set, this is probably not a series that you want to invest in. Sure everyone will go crazy here but you don’t have to spend that much just to join in the fun, just save the money for future sets.

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