Pokemon Anytime Sunny Picnic

It’s time again for another Pokemon Kuji. Pokemon will always have something for us every month so fans of Pokemon can feel glad to play more Kuji.

Retail Price: SGD12

Total Tickets: 90

Released Date: April 2021

The ticket cost is cheaper than usual, but quite normal for Pokemon series Kuji since their main prizes are mainly plush so I don’t think they should charge higher. The total tickets are higher too with 90, pretty standard for Pokemon nowadays, just hope the prizes are good too.

Prize A (3 pieces)

I love Pikachu, like I really do, but it comes to a point where there’s just too many Pikachu plush. There’s one in every series and so many variant, one who get tired of collecting all the different Pikachu eventually. Regardless, this is a cute plush and if you manage to pull it, good for you 🙂 There’s 3 in each set though, was hoping they give us lesser Pikachu and more of other Pokemon.

Prize B (2 pieces)

Good to see a new Pokemon and a cute one too. Yamper looks as adorable as Pikachu and it’s the first time it is featured as a top prize in the Kuji series so fans that wants to collect all the Pokemon plush would want their hands on this. 2 pieces in every set is not too bad, but as I said, would prefer this set to have 3 Yamper and 2 Pikachu instead of the other way round.

Prize C (7 pieces)

Just in case you think you are mistaken, the Prize C is not only comes with the drawstring bag but the plush too! In the Dramatic collection they made a drawstring bag a small prize but very limited, here they are making it a top prize, and to compensate that they included a small plush! Only complains I have is the variation of the plush, they could have featured more Pokemon!

There are 3 designs, 3 for Pikachu and 2 for the others in every set. Not blinded so pick your favorite before they are gone!

Prize D (6 pieces)

In every Kuji prizes can vary a lot, in some Tote bags are like the most common prize, but over here it’s regard as one of the rarer prizes. With only 6 in the set this seems like a hard to get prize. The quality is not bad and the designs is simple. Hope this is a good enough consolation prize for those who never manage to get any plush.

There are 2 designs, 3 pieces each in every set.

Prize E (25 pieces)

Usually when they give a choice between plates and cups, the cups are almost always going to be chosen first. Here we have cups, amazing as they always are, and ceramic plates that are wider than normal! It’s a decent size plate with 17cm in diameter and you can use it for your daily meals! Design wise are great. I would personally prefer the plates over the cups, it’s not common we get such a big plate for small prizes!

There are 6 designs, 3 for plates and 3 for cups. I believe there are 4 pieces each for 5 of them while one of the designs have 5 pieces in a set. Not too sure which has which but will update again once I know. Not blinded too so feel free to choose!

Prize F (27 pieces)

We now come to one of the dreadful part of the prizes: Towels… The long towel is not bad but then again, it’s just towel. Regardless how well the designs are, I believe at one point buyers sure grow sick of them, which is why the drawstring bags in the previous set made the small prize more appealing, but this doesn’t look like the case. A bad small prize can make the whole set look bad.

There are 6 designs, 2 for long 4 for short, the distribution of the towels are unknown to me for now, will update again. Either way I don’t think it’s hard to get any towel, people would even give you one for free.

Prize G (20 pieces)

The charms looks good here. It’s a rubber charm with metal ring. The design is very simple, featuring the Pokemon and their Japanese name on it. Will gladly take this over the towel any given day.

There are 10 designs, 2 each in every set. Sadly they are blinded like all charms in Pokemon set. So you will have to trade or hunt for the pieces you want.

Last Prize

This Eevee looks too adorable for me to ignore it. This variant is also exclusive to the last prize if you really want it, you will need to buy out. Don’t go too aggressive too since it’s just a plush (you can buy from someone at a reasonable rate if you really want it) and you don’t want to spend too much on it unless there’s top prize left in the box.


Drawstring and small Plush7.78%
Tote Bag6.67%


Probability of getting at least one top prize (A, B or C)Tickets Bought


This set like many Pokemon set is very plush heavy, all the top prizes are plush. The difference here is that there are some great small prizes like tote bags, plates and cups. The draw back like any other Kuji is that the towel is very irritating. If you are a fan of Pokemon, 3 tickets will be fine if you just want to play for fun. If you want to collect, 10 tickets will do and then just buy the other prizes you didn’t get directly.

I would emphasize again that this set features only Plush for top prize and you should never spend too much on them. Their value won’t grow and once you open it, it’s hard to sell it, so don’t spend too much on this Kuji, just buy some for the fun of it and move to other sets.

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