One Piece Legends Over Time

Here we are again with another One Piece series of the month, it’s pretty common to get a One Piece Kuji every month and this month is no different.

Retail Price: SGD13

Total Tickets: 80

Released Date: April 2021

Everything is standardized here so nothing to worry about the cost and total ticket. I am pretty sure you expected that from a One Piece set.

Prize A (2 pieces)

Yes we have a Luffy for every One Piece Set, just get use to it. This figure does have his Roger coat, so it makes a little bit of difference from other sets. I mean still a one prize good figure so nothing bad about it. It’s also Masterlise figure so expect good quality.

Prize B (2 pieces)

It’s been a while since we last seen Roger as a top prize in a Kuji set. The last one was way back in 2014. Great to see old characters coming back. There are 2 pieces of him so more people can enjoy this Masterlise figure.

Prize C (2 pieces)

Newgate is just as old, because the last time his figure was featured in a Kuji set, it was 2012. Having a Masterlise figure for him now is so fitting and many fans can appreciate the craftmanship of this figurine. 2 pieces in a set, so more to go around.

Prize D (1 piece)

Oden just appeared in the Wano set a few weeks ago so it’s surprising to see him appear again so soon. He does have a different pose. There’s only 1 of his figure though so not too bad if you pull him since it’s a rarer figure. Also Masterlise, so good quality figurine.

Prize E (1 piece)

This is the first time Shanks and Buggy appeared in the Kuji set as a pair figure, it is also their younger version, which has never been released before. The figure is not Masterlise but doesn’t mean that it’s not good quality! They look adorable and it’s a pair figure and only 1 in every set, so I foresee this being very expensive.

Prize F (1 piece)

This is the second time Marco appears in the One Piece Kuji series, the first being in 2017. This is the younger version and he looks cheerful. Not Masterlise figure too but definitely not poor in quality. There’s only 1 piece in every set too so it will definitely have value.

Prize G (23 pieces)

Bottles are not that bad, they are 350ml bottles so you can bring them to your work place or use it at home. The designs are great as well, they have different layouts of the designs.

There are 8 designs, 7 of them have 3 pieces with 1 having 2 pieces in every set, not too sure which at this point but they are blinded, I don’t know why though, so hope you manage to open your preferred design!

Prize H (24 pieces)

Towels look good, they have their name printed at the top and their bounty below (except Newgate and Roger since they shared 1 towel together). I don’t get why they have to differentiate the long and small towel, like the long is twice the length of the short so why can’t they be a bit more consistent? Design is great just don’t feel the need to differentiate the length so drastically.

There are 8 designs, 4 long 4 short, each having 3 pieces in a set, not blinded too so if you want to pick all the long ones for the length then do buy early in case they are all gone.

Prize I (24 pieces)

Almost every set comes with visual art, I believe you will be sick of it eventually, like there is nothing better they can come up with anymore right? The designs are fantastic, take nothing away from the artist but feels like there is no end to your visual art collection. Really great art work by the way.

There are 12 designs, each has 2 pieces in a set, not blinded too so pick your favorite early before they are taken.

Last Prize

OMG after so long they finally did it, a last prize that is not a variant of any of the top prizes! Fantastic! Ace may be a common character in the Kuji series but making this version of him with the Whitebeard coat exclusive to last prize makes people more incline to buy out. Masterlise quality too so no complains.


Shanks and Buggy1.25%
Visual Art30%


Probability of getting at least one top prize (A to F)Tickets Bought


The figurines in this set looks amazing and having characters not from Straw Hat crew but old characters coming back feels very fresh. This Kuji is really to play for the figurines because the small prizes are just so dull, I mean I seen better small prizes before, doesn’t feel like Bandai put in any effort to make them. Bottles feels very random and blinding it doesn’t help, towels are inconsistent with length and visual art doesn’t help. So if you intend to play, buy maybe 5 tickets to try your luck and then move on to other sets. If you really want the figurines, just buy from someone who won it, chances are, it’s cheaper than you buying tickets to try to win it.

I appreciate the figure quality, also appreciate that they gave us 9 figures instead of standard 8, and last prize is unique and worth collecting. However, 71 out of 80 tickets are going to be small prizes, so you will need to suck up to a lot of small prizes, it would help if they make those small prizes more attractive.

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