Sanrio Chara Attack – Volume 5

Again we are reviewing something different today! So for those who is seeing this for the first time, this is a “homemade” Kuji from fans! The prizes in this Kuji set are not exclusively to this Kuji, you are able to find those prizes elsewhere! That doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing though, some of the prizes look attractive and you are only paying for a ticket prize and you might win something that is worth more!

Retail Price: SGD14.50

Total Ticket: 107

Released Date: April 2021

The ticket cost is quite standard for this kind of Kuji, but the total number of tickets is crazily high, so means your chances of top prizes are actually not very high, but more people can enjoy this Kuji. We will see if the high ticket count is a good thing or not later.

Prize A (2 pieces)

You get a literal Gudetama Sushi Plush. It’s cute in it’s way and since he is made of egg yolk the sushi theme fits. It’s a plush so you don’t really have to buy too aggressively to get this, but will be awesome if you pull it.

Prize B (4 pieces)

Wow this is the real deal here. You get a bag pack then has the Hello Kitty word. It’s actually quite suitable for both genders. The bag itself will come in handy, it has a lot of compartment and a drawstring bag inside it, looks great if you ask for my opinion.

There are 2 designs, 2 pieces each in a set, so you can choose your favorite color when you pull this prize.

Prize C (4 pieces)

A picnic basket is nothing bad as well! The design is simple but looks great, I mean you are carrying to a picnic, you don’t need it to be too flashy right? You can store hot or cold stuff in it since it has a cooler compartment, definitely will come in handy.

There are 2 designs, 2 pieces each in a set, not blinded go ahead and pick one when you pull one.

Prize D (5 pieces)

The cup might look really small here but it’s actually quite big that it is considered a top prize in the set! The characters look cute as well, featuring all the popular characters in the Sanrio family. They have their name printed at the back too!

There are 5 designs, 1 piece each in a set, not blinded too, so buy early to choose your favorite before they are taken!

Prize E (6 pieces)

So we move down to the medium prize tier and it’s already looking well with Melody and Kuromi Ninja plush! They all look so adorable and makes you feel like a must to pull all 3 to collect all designs. Also makes a good consolation prize if you never get anything in the top prizes.

2 pieces each for the 3 designs in a set, I think by now you should know that this Kuji has not such thing as blind boxes.

Prize F (9 pieces)

We now move on to Pochacco plush! They are meant to be a hanger but they look great as display or bed plush too! Design wise not too different just the color preference. Makes a good consolation prize too!

3 designs and 3 pieces each in a set.

Prize G (9 pieces)

Of course Pom Pom is next. Similarly he is a hanger plush but can act well as a display or bed plush too! All designs are related to food and even if you pay 1 ticket to get his plush, I don’t think you would feel too bad about it!

There are 3 designs, each has 3 pieces, if you are afraid that the design you want is gone, do buy early.

Prize H (16 pieces)

These look amazing! The beach outfit looks great on all of them! The color combination of the gang looks very appealing too.

There are 7 designs, 5 of them have 2 pieces each in a set, while the other 2 (I believe Hello Kitty and Melody) has 3 pieces in a set. Feel free to choose and since this is considered one of the more common prizes, you can consider collecting all 7!

Prize I (34 pieces)

If you have been collecting the mascot from the previous volume, you will find the additional characters very valuable to your collection! Even if you don’t collect them, getting any of them would be great!

There are 4 designs, 2 of them have 8 pieces each while 2 (Hello Kitty and Kuromi) has 9 pieces each in a set. You will highly likely get this prize, but nothing bad at all, they all look gorgeous!

Prize J (18 pieces)

The 3D light started from the San-X Rilakkuma series and Sanrio is doing their own too! The characters look amazing. This is probably the cheapest prize in the set, you can get this for less than $10 from retail store so do know that you have a risk of getting this prize. It’s not bad though, just maybe not worth $14.50, but then again, you do have a shot of getting top prize also.

There are 6 designs, 3 pieces each in a set. Surprised that they don’t have Cinnamoroll but instead have Hangyodon (totally not complaining 🙂 )

Last Prize

Gudetama is back again, so in case you never get him for the A prize, you can try for the egg roll variant for the last prize. Not a bad prize to encourage buy out but definitely not the best, I mean firstly it’s only a plush, and secondly, tickets are not cheap, so don’t be too rash and buy out everything just to get this plush, remember, you can buy it directly from retail shops.


Gudetama Plush1.87%
Picnic Basket3.74%
Glass Cup4.67%
Ninja Plush5.61%
Pochacco Plush8.41%
Pom Pom Plush8.41%
Beach Plush14.95%
3D Light16.82%


Probability of getting at least one top prize (A, B, C or D)Tickets Bought


Yes, you should buy at leas one ticket if you are a fan of Sanrio characters! The prizes are just amazing, like it kind of makes you feel like you are buying the prizes directly but gives you a good shot at the top prizes worth more than your ticket cost. You do have a risk of getting Mascot, beach plush or 3D light that is worth lesser but if you only buy 1 ticket to play for the fun of it, no harm no foul.

Reviewing this kind of Kuji is very tricky, because you know that you are able to buy the prizes directly, so I will not recommend anyone to go aggressive on the tickets, because if you really wanted something just buy from retail shop or even from another person that pulls it. If you really want to play, maybe 3 tickets at most, anything above is you just trying your luck and also for the thrill, not for the prize.

Good Kuji, nothing too bad, just maybe not worth the ticket prize, but that’s Kuji, we can’t always win.

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