Sanrio Lottery Pompompurin

Pompompurin is back with another Kuji, this time round, he is the star of the Kuji and every prize will feature him in it! So Pompompurin fans will love this Kuji set. For those not familiar with Sanrio Lottery, it basically works the same like Ichiban Kuji but whichever prizes you pulled will be the one you get, so no designs to choose, no blinds to open from.

Retail Price: SGD16

Total Tickets: 70

Released Date: April 2021

The tickets are more expensive as the Yen price for the set is slightly expensive too and I believe Singapore does not have direct import for this set, so let’s go through the price to see if you should be paying that much for a ticket. The total tickets is a little more than usual Sanrio Lottery with 70, so hope there are more good prizes to make the price worth.

Prize 1 (2 pieces)

For those who loves to eat Takoyaki, this is the best prize for you! You can get the ingredient from Jap mart and then make your own Takoyaki! Even if you don’t like to eat it, this is a valuable prize as fans of Pompompurin would appreciate it!

Prize 2 (2 pieces)

This is such an adorable tea pot! For tea lover this is the top prize to look out for! Even if you don’t drink tea you can use it to dispense hot water, I mean it’s a Pompompurin teapot, what can go wrong!

Prize 3 (2 pieces)

Okay I usually will reach a point where I am less impress as the prize tier goes down. The container storage box looks legit, but compare to the Takoyaki maker and tea pot this looks really weak for a top prize, given that San-X lottery put this prize in the medium prize tier. Nothing bad about the product, just hope that we have prizes more worthy of the top tier list.

Prize 4 and 5 (6 pieces each)

The plates are not small and definitely worth your $16, the designs are not bad too! The design does not differ much so be it 4 or 5, both act as a good prize.

Prize 6 (10 pieces)

You know what is so cool about the chopsticks? Is that you don’t only get 1 pair but you get 2 pairs of it! You also come with the chopstick placer, that is all included in1 prize! They are really trying to make your $16 very worthy!

Prize 7 (10 pieces)

The containers are so cute! Yes you get all 3 small containers in your prize! Wow, if this is Ichiban Kuji, they will make you choose 1 of those containers for 1 prize instead of giving all 3 to you :/ Not the case here, so you can be sure that if you pull this you are making your money worth!

Prize 8 (10 pieces)

A legit Pompompurin soap dispenser! Wow this comes in so handy! You can use it for body soap, shampoo, sanitizer or dish soap! Or if you don’t bear to use it you can use it to display! Such an amazing prize and there are plenty to go around!

Prize 9 (10 pieces)

A small plush charm, nothing too bad so if you are a fan of Pompompurin, this would be a decent prize for you, at least you can hang it around your bag or keep it as a plush.

Prize 10 and 11 (6 pieces each)

Last, maybe considered the least, are the towels. It’s a long towel so don’t feel too bad and it has Pompompurin all over it! This is probably one of the least favorite (solely because it’s a towel), but if you like the design then I think you won’t feel too bad pulling it.

Last Prize

If you are wondering where is the plush prize, here it is! You can’t have a Sanrio Kuji without at least one big plush! This isn’t only Pompompurin, but it comes with Muffin as well! As cute as it is, don’t go overboard to buy out just for this plush, mainly because you shouldn’t spend too much on it.


Takoyaki Maker2.86%
Storage Box2.86%
Container Boxes14.29%
Soap Dispenser14.29%
Plush Charm14.29%


Probability of getting at least one top prize (1, 2 or 3)Tickets Bought


So you can see that almost all the prizes here are great and value for your money that you paid for the ticket. That being said, if you really want the big prize, just buy it directly from someone who has it, your chances of getting it are low and you shouldn’t spend too much money in hopes of getting them. The prizes are worth playing though, if you are a fan of Pompompurin, just buy maybe 3 tickets to try your luck and regardless of what you get, I hope you like it because I am not a fan of Pompompurin but the prize itself does look appealing and I believe fans will appreciate it.

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