Retro Kuji #5: Happy Kuji Avengers End Game

Let’s travel back in time (no pun intended) to 2019nwhere Avengers End game was released and this Kuji was also released shortly after wards. I am a big fan of Marvel and I want to see what this Kuji had for us and see if we could be expecting the same in the future.

Retail Price: SGD15

Total Tickets: 60

Released Date: May 2019

The ticket cost is a bit higher than the usual Kuji but the number of tickets is lower so chances are you are going to get something good out of the set.

SP Prize (1 piece)

A賞 キャプテン・アメリカ フィギュア [全1種]

A good Captain America figure that is the top prize in the set, the only issue I have with this is where is his Shield? I mean isn’t that the basic thing he should have for his figure? It’s End game not infinity war, hopefully whatever comes next is not that disappointing.

Figure Prize (9 pieces)

フィギュアコレクション賞 [全9種]

11cm figure featuring some of the characters in End game, for mold wise definitely not the best and doesn’t feel like it’s very high quality but for $15 it’s really not that bad. I think face mold is not their thing and you can get better figure for $15 and also you don’t have to use your luck to get it.

9 designs, 1 piece each in each set, you cannot choose so whoever you pull is the one you get.

Bear Brick Figure (16 pieces)

ベアブリック賞 [全8種]

If you are a fan of Bear Brick then this should be what you are looking for in the set. They are not characters but rather the symbols of those characters in the movie. Nothing bad at all, makes me feel like they are the thing to look out for in the set.

There are 8 designs, 2 each in every set, and again, you get what you pull.

Poster Prize (34 pieces)

ポスター賞 [全17種]

Posters are one of my nightmares, I mean as much as the posters look great, actually hold on a second. They look fantastic! Wow I wouldn’t mind having any of them! If you are okay with paying $15 for them then I think all will be well for you.

There are 17 designs, 2 each for every set, the posters are all blinded so hopefully those who played got what they wanted.

Last Prize

ラスト賞 アイアンマン マーク85 フィギュア [全1種]

Of course Iron Man is the last prize. The mold is not as bad but also not the perfect figurines. That being said, should be a good motivation for buying out.

Captain America1.67%
Bear Brick Figurines26.67%


So Happy Kuji has the tendency to give buyer a good chance to get something good, you have a good 44% to get a figurine so nothing too bad and the posters are great. The only issue I have with this Kuji is the quality of the figurines. Feels like the effort is not there and they aren’t happy to give you a good figurine so they just give you something that is $15 quality. Even the SP and last don’t feel so special. Coming from a Marvel fan, you can see how disappointed I am with them, but hey, it’s $15, we cannot expect much, oh wait, we could because other Kuji did better jobs and have better quality prizes.

I will just say maybe Happy Kuji didn’t have what it takes to make it big back then or they spent too much getting End Game licensing, regardless very glad that in the present we got better quality stuff from them.

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