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If you are a fun of the Quintessential Quintuplets you will be thrilled about this set! Because it’s the first time that they are coming up with a figurine set! The past sets were acrylic stands and cushions so this time round you will see legit figurines!

Retail Price: SGD14

Total Tickets: 75

Released Date: March 2021

The price is slightly above average because the yen price is more expensive but the total tickets is lesser so it’s easier for anyone to pull a figure.

Prize A (2 pieces)


Ichika kicks start the bridge series with her amazing looking figure. Nothing too bad about it.

Prize B (2 pieces)


Nino is not too bad either and very glad that they have all the Nakano sisters figurine and all have the same theme.

Prize C (2 pieces)


Miku continues next with her amazing looking sculpt. She does have her headphone.

Prize D (2 pieces)


Yotsuba has a gown that is a little bit different, I am not sure if buyers will only get a certain character of get all 5 but I like that Bandai is not making it hard to pull any of them. They could have make one of them the unique piece in the set but not the case for them.

Prize E (2 pieces)


I am just grateful that May also has 2 pieces in the set so every one of them is just as easy or difficult to get. Collection wise will be an issue since you need to pull 5 of them but if you just want to get a figure from the prize list then it shouldn’t be too hard.

Prize F (15 pieces)


Guys please calm down. These amazing charms look so adorable and also fulfil most guy’s fantasy (if they are into those kind of things). The bikini theme looks great.

There are 5 designs, 3 pieces each in every set. They are blinded so you don’t need to have a hard time choosing them, let luck pick one for you.

Prize G (25 pieces)


Normally I wouldn’t really like illustration board but the ladies look so well in the design. It’s very classy and also easy to collect all 5 designs.

There are 5 pieces each in every set for a design, and not blinded so you can pick your favorite sister!

Prize H (25 pieces)


This is too adorable not to collect them all! The Nakano sisters all have different facial expression! The one thing I really like about this figure is that there are plenty of prize H to go around! It’s almost as easy to pull this as any other small prizes! It’s easier to get a figure than a charm! How amazing is that!

There are 5 designs, 5 pieces each in every set and they are blinded like most small figure so it’s not easy to collect but you will see most of them in the market so just buy the missing piece or trade it with someone!

Last Prize


The last prize seems a little underwhelming here because you got so many figures in the set and the small prize looks great so you will expect something very amazing for the last prize. The A3 illustration board isn’t so bad but it’s just a combination of prize G, feels like the effort is not there. I am not sure it will make a great prize for buy out because if all 10 figurines are gone I believe people might not have the motivation to buy out.


Ichika 2.67%
Nino 2.67%
Miku 2.67%
Yotsuba 2.67%
May 2.67%
Illustration Board33.33%
Mini Figures33.33%


Probability of getting at least a top prize (A to E) / figure prize (A to E or H)Tickets Bought
13.33%/ 46.67%1
52.14% / 96.19%5
74.55% / 99.78%9
90.90% / 99.99%15


If you released my blog I am always like Kuji that has very good prizes (I mean who doesn’t!) Like not only must the odds be great the small prizes must makes your money worth! For $14 this set is really good, because your odds of getting a big figure is quite high and you also have tons of small figure to act as consolation prize in case you didn’t get the big ones! The charms are also great and the illustration board is not too bad either!

The only issue I think I might have is the last prize, I will be worried if I am the shop and the top prizes are gone, the set is pretty much going to be dead because I doubt anyone who buy out the box if no big figure is left unless it’s less than 10 tickets, they would much rather buy from another box I supposed. Price wise it’s pretty worth it and if you want to collect all 5 sisters, then you can buy 20 tickets and then hunt the rest down or if you have duplicates you can either trade with someone!

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