Re:Zero – Rejoice That There’s A Lady In Each Arm

It’s time for Re zero fans to rejoice once again as another Kuji set is being released. Re Zero is one of the figure heavy Kuji, hope this one is too!

Retail Price: SGD16

Total Tickets: 80

Released Date: February 2021

The price is a little costly due to the expensive yen price of a ticket so it’s a proportional price increment (Not shipping related cost, Singapore has license to sell this set). The total tickets is pretty normal, hope the prizes are good since this is one of the costly Kuji.

Prize A (2 pieces)


This is the only second top body part figure ever released for Re Zero! Rem was released in the previous set, so it’s normal that we will be seeing Ram for this set! It’s an awesome looking figure and if you think that normal figurines are boring, then this would catch your attention!

Prize B (2 pieces)


Almost every set we will see Emilia’s figurine (not an issue at all), this variant sees her in a maid costume, it’s also her fourth figure in the Kuji series so if you are her fan you will want to get this figure as well.

Prize C (2 pieces)


Rem is next and this is also her fifth overall figure and fourth standard figure released in the series. I don’t think you will be surprised to see more of her. She is in her maid variant costume as well. 2 pieces in a set so enough for more people to enjoy.

Prize D (2 pieces)


Let me try to be happy with this being the top prize. I think posters are not too bad but being in the top prize sure sucks, like do Bandai not have anything better for you? It’s a B2 poster, so that’s attractive but just feel very underwhelmed when posters is a top prize. The previous set also has poster as one of the top prize but in my humble opinion I feel like it should be a small prize and they could have given something better for a big prize.

Prize E (24 pieces)


Folders can be really exhausting when you pull them especially if you are a Kuji collector and you have a mountain of them. What I appreciate about this prize is that to make up for the fact that the ticket price is costly, they gave you 3 folders instead. The designs are great as always.

There are 18 designs, packed into 6 sets, each set has 4 pieces in each Kuji set and you can choose which trios you want!

Prize F (24 pieces)


I am not a fan of charms unless they are really cute or I see some sort of effort from Bandai and this is one of those times you can see some effort put into the prize. Although it’s a small charm, it’s very thick and features the main character of the anime. That being said, for $16, you have a chance of obtaining this, they could have given you 2 pieces for each of this prize to make up the cost of the ticket but of course, could always be worse.

There are 9 designs, 6 of them have 3 pieces each in a set while the other 3 has 2, let me update this blog again when I seen the distribution.

Prize G (24 pieces)


I am a huge fan of mini figures and this is one of the best consolation prize and they are so many of them in the set that it’s not hard to pull them! There are as much of this prize as there are for charm or folders, and this justify why the ticket price is expensive.

There are 11 designs, 9 of them have 2 pieces in each set while 2 of them have 3 pieces, I am incline to believe that Rem and Ram are those 2, but I haven’t confirm yet. These are blind boxes so no choosing but with so many of them in a box it makes it easier to obtain them and even if you have repeats, just trade or sell them away!

Last Prize


If you didn’t manage to pull Prize A then aiming for last prize is a great idea! You can have this cat ear variant of Ram which is a great substitute for the A prize! Unless you collecting both cat variant or all versions of Ram then you will have to buy out to obtain this as well. A great motivator for buying out!


Ram Top Body Figure2.5%
Emilia Figure2.5%
Rem Figure 2.5%
Folder Set30%
Mini Figures30%


Probability of getting at least a top prize (A, B or C)/ figure prize (A, B, C or G)Tickets Bought
7.5% / 37.5%1
52.34% / 98.92%9
75.05% / 99.98%16
90.35% / 99.99%25


I am very impressed with the prizes in this set. It fits the theme and also add on valuable figurines into your collection. The small prizes are not too bad, the mini figures are amazing and worth collecting! The price for the ticket is not cheap, so don’t be too aggressive in buying tickets, know that roughly every 3 tickets will get you a figure (big or small), so see how much you really want the prize and buy in multiples of 3s. If you just want to play for fun, 3 tickets is fine, if you really intend to collect, I would say 21 tickets or wait for a good buy out would do.

The poster still buzz me, I mean a poster is definitely worth $16 but really? I don’t think anyone would play this Kuji just for the poster, if you do please enlighten me. That would be the major complain, besides that, it’s a great set and if it has a higher chance to make buyers happy, I think that’s all we could ever ask for.

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