Disney Twisted Wonderland 3

This is the 3rd Kuji set for Twisted Wonderland and if you are a fan of the game then you might be into their Kuji stuff.

Retail Price: ~SGD17

Total Tickets: 70

Released Date: March 2021

Singapore will not be getting this Kuji set probably due to the lack of licensing here so most shops will be parallel importing if they want to sell it, thus, you will be paying for the more expensive price of $17, similar to most other parallel imported goods. The total tickets is lesser than usual so your odds of getting top prize is higher.

Prize A (1 piece)


I seriously cannot believe that the A prize of a Kuji would be a visual art. Normally when someone pulls a visual art they most likely will get sad but this top prize is not the same, for starter, it’s 27cm long and it’s thick and it features all the main characters of the game and it would be a great display piece! There’s only 1 in each set though so it is hard to pull.

Prize B (1 piece)


Next we move on to the long lines of plush. Riddle Rosehearts kicks off the plush prize by looking so gorgeous. There’s only 1 of his plush though so it’s really not easy to get.

Prize C (1 piece)


Leona Kingscholar is next. Again only 1 plush in every set, which is a bit disappointing.

Prize D (1 piece)


Azul Ashengrotto looks great as well. I believe you should figure out the plush distribution by now.

Prize E (1 piece)


Karim Al Azim looks great. Why can’t we have more plush in this set?

Prize G (1 piece)


Ville Shane Height continues the line of adorable plush. At this point I think you should know collection of plush is not easy and will not be cheap if you going to collect the whole set.

Prize G (1 piece)


Idia Shroud is next. I feel so bad for buyers because all the plush looks great and they cannot possibly get everything unless they are super lucky or they eventually buy out the box.

Prize H (1 piece)


Mareus Draconia ends of this amazing line of plush and also puts an end to the horrible odds this Kuji has offered. I mean all the prizes till now are great but only 1 each!? Why is Bandai torturing us like that.

Prize I (40 piece)


Well we have come to reality where most of the tickets you pulled will be one of the 2 prizes that we will be mentioning. The first is the badges, they don’t look bad but for the prize of the tickets to get a badge, it is pretty damn expensive. The characters along with their name and Dorm in it looks legit for a badge but the price of a ticket and the more than half of the tickets is filled with this so you will be getting lots of this if you are drawing a lot of tickets.

There are 22 designs, 18 of them have 2 pieces in a set while 4 of them only has 1, I am not sure which designs is the rarer ones and they are all blinded so it makes it even harder if you want to collect everything.

Prize J (22 pieces)


Lastly we have acrylic stands that features the characters as well as their names and logo beside them. They look amazing for a stand and great for display, would be totally awesome if they are all figurines.

There are 22 designs, 1 piece each in every set and they are again blinded so really not easy to collect everything.

Last Prize


The last prize is a good alternative to the Prize A, if you didn’t pull it, you can buy out the box to get this. It features all 22 characters on the acrylic stands and would be a good display art as well.


Display Art1.43%
Plush1.43% each
Acrylic Stand31.43%


Probability of getting at least a top prize (A to H)Tickets Bought


As much as I think the plush and display art is great, the fact that they are so hard to get plus the cost of a ticket really makes this one of the worse Kuji set I ever seen. Firstly, there are 7 characters plush to collect but there’s only 1 of each so they are going to be super expensive if you are going to buy them directly and even if you want to try to get them it’s going to be super hard to pull. Secondly, you will be getting lots of badges and maybe some acrylic stands and they are all blinded so you can’t even choose your favorite character. Thirdly, it’s only a plush or display set, I don’t see the need for you to spend so much just to obtain them.

I will not be getting any of this ticket because it’s too expensive and I think it’s too risky to hope for a top prize with only 1 ticket. If you like Twisted Wonderland then maybe you can play 2 tickets to try your luck but please keep in mind that you will mostly end up with badges and acrylic stands.

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