Natsume’s Book Of Friends – Nyanko Sensei and Flower Melody

Nyanko is back again this time round with more plush for fans to collect.

Retail Price: SGD12

Total Tickets: 66

Released Date: March 2021

It’s cheaper and lesser total tickets than standard Kuji which is pretty normal for a small set that feature plush.

Prize A (3 pieces)


Of course this 30cm plush will kick start the Kuji set. Nyanko is just too adorable for anyone not to like and this design with the flowers looks great. 3 pieces in a set, plenty to go around.

Prize B (3 pieces)


A very unique prize in the form of a scarf. The design is simple but the quality of item is good and at a massive 160cm long you can wrap it around your neck for warmth in cold countries. Maybe not the best prize to use in Singapore (it’s hot in here), but you can definitely keep it for use in colder countries!

Prize C (3 pieces)


This bag is actually one of the top prizes here, it’s not bad, it’s can come in very handy. The material is good too.

Prize D ( 6 pieces)


Finally something different, this is an amazing looking brooch, it’s metallic and you can use it to design your clothing or bag and it should fit well. It serves as a good consolation prize in case you never get the top prize.

Prize E ( 16 pieces)


Next we have some notebooks and letters and they look very classy. The design gives a very calm aura and you can’t hate such a design. The notebook is A5 and you get 2 of it in a prize! The envelope and letters are also amazing, each prize consist of 4 envelope and 8 letters! Not sure who still use snail mail but you collect it for display purposes! The quantity given in each prize makes you feel like they are not short changing you which is a good thing.

There are 5 designs, 2 for notebooks and 3 for letters, there are only 2 pieces of each notebooks in each set while the letters have 4 pieces each. So if you really want the notebook you need to buy earlier.

Prize F (15 pieces)


These are not towels (like finally giving towels a break). The handkerchief looks great, design is also simplistic yet very appealing for Nyanko lover. It’s also usable and quality is great too.

There are 5 designs, 3 pieces each in every set.

Prize G (20 pieces)


As much as I think the designs are really great, the quality of the charms does not seem very impressive. Like they could have make it metallic or a figure charm to attract buyers but I guess you can’t have everything perfect in a Kuji set.

There are 10 designs, 2 pieces each in every set. These are fortunately not blinded so feel free to choose the designs you desire!

Last Prize


A great last prize to look forward to! It’s a gigantic 50cm clover leaf cushion that anyone can use and it looks great when displayed. A good motivator to buy out and also it’s unique so the only way to get this is to buy out the box.


Nyanko Plush4.55%
Brooch 9.09%


Probability of getting at least one top prize (A, B or C)Tickets Bought


This set has a very simplistic design and yet it looks so wonderful in general. The prizes are mostly good which the charms being a but underwhelm since past Nyanko Charms are better, but overall still a good set. The top prizes are usable stuff and plush and even the small prizes are not bad too so getting maybe 5 tickets or so is justifiable but don’t spend too much because at the end of the day, it’s just plush, scarf and a bag, you can easily get those without spending too much.

So just play this Kuji if you are a Nyanko fan and hope for the best, if not, be happy about the prizes and move on to the next set!

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