Evangelion Movie Version -Eva-01 Test Type Awakening

Evangelion is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary and with it’s recent movie release, it is of no surprise that they are doing a Kuji set.

Retail Price: SGD13

Total Tickets: 80

Released Date: Feb 2021

Nothing special about the price and the total tickets, pretty standard.

Prize A (3 pieces)

Eva units are always the prizes to look out for in their Kuji set. Eva Unit 01 Awakening kicks start the set by looking absolutely gorgeous. It is also the only Eva Unit figure in the set, which makes it so much more valuable. The lucky thing is that there are 3 pieces of it in the set so more people can get their hands on this amazing piece.

Prize B (2 pieces)

Asuka is next and she looks amazing, I don’t ever think that the human characters were ever bad but the fact that the Eva unit is so much more popular can make them look really underwhelm, which isn’t the case here. Asuka appears in almost every Evangelion Kuji set, but she is a good looking figure so hope everyone don’t mind getting more of her figures, I mean she is a main character so quite expected that she will appear in every set.

Prize C (2 pieces)

This is Rei’s second appearance in the Kuji series, the first being Evangelion 2020 movie set. A great looking figure as well and can add to your collection. If you missed the 2020 kuji set, this is your opportunity to get Rei. Also 2 pieces of her figure in every set so hope it’s enough to go around.

Prize D (3 pieces)

Kaworu makes his debut in the Evangelion series and if you intend to collect all the characters in the set, you definitely need to get him as well. There are 3 pieces to go around in a set, very thankful of that number because Bandai usually likes to provide only 1 piece of figure in a set for those side characters, not knowing that collectors will want to collect them all.

Prize E (8 pieces)

I am not so sure what is so special about mugs because there isn’t a lot of them in a set, oh well there are actually more figures in this set than there are mugs. They do act as a good consolation prize if you didn’t get any figures. The designs look awesome as well!

There are 4 designs, 2 each in every set. They are not blinded so pick your favorite before they are gone!

Prize F (15 pieces)

Notebook ain’t so bad, I mean for starter it’s bind style and it does look good for a notebook. It’s actually one of the better notebooks that you will get from Kuji and for the price you paid I feel that it’s at least justifiable.

There are 5 designs, 3 each in every set. They are not blinded too.

Prize G (20 pieces)

Next will be mini plates, by now, especially for long time Kuji fans, you will be receiving tons of plates so you know that the plates are more for display than being use. That being said, the designs are so appealing. For a small prize it doesn’t make you feel that bad when you pulled it.

There are 10 designs, 2 each in every set, they are blinded for some reason so save the trouble of choosing and let fate decide which design you should be getting!

Prize H (27 pieces)

Okay I cannot oversell the small prizes anymore if not I will look like a fool, but Bandai need to stop issuing folders, I mean we live in the technology centuries, does anyone still puts their notes in a folder that often? That being said, very nice of them to give you 2 folder since you paid $13 for it, and not only does every folder design featured the character but their name and a phrase they said in the anime at the back of each folder as well.

There are 10 designs, 7 of them have 3 pieces while 3 of them have 2 pieces each in a set. I am not too sure which has which but I believe there’s plenty to go around and also they are not blinded so feel free to choose.

Last Prize

It is Asuka once again but she has a different pose compared to prize B. It is a good motivator for a buy out but having an Eva unit as the last prize would make people buy out even at 20 or even 30 tickets. Not complaining here because at least it’s a last prize figure, they could have given you a towel or something you know.


Eva Unit 01 Awakening 3.75%
Folder Set33.75%


Probability of getting at least one figure (A to D)Tickets Bought


Evangelion set is always tricky, because mainly everyone is into the Eva Units and the other prizes are always overlooked. The prizes here are not too bad, if you want to compare dollar for dollar, the mugs and notebooks can be worth around $10 so you should get a bit of value for your money. That being said, it’s not a bad set, seeing worse Kuji set in the past, this is really good. There are 10 figures in this set! It’s very rare for Kuji to have come up with such a massive number of top prizes for only 80 tickets.

The small prizes can be annoying but it’s part of Kuji, I believe they have ran out of ideas for small prizes. So if you are a fan of Evangelion then you can try maybe 5 tickets and see your luck. If you really want to the figures maybe buy 10 or 15 and hunt down what you don’t have and if you really want the Eva Unit and that only, just buy a few tickets to try luck and then buy from someone who has it if luck is not on your side.

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