Ichiban Stationery Demon Slayer

It’s time for another Demon Slayer Kuji! This time round is very different, it’s the first ever Stationery Kuji where all the prizes are stationery! Fans who loves stationery would be excited about this, so let’s see what we have here!

Retail Price: SGD12

Total Tickets: 64

Released Date: March 2021

So the price of each ticket is not quite normal, but for only stationery it can be a bit pricey. The total ticket is relatively low, so easier for you to get your top prizes or buyout at a small number.

Prize A (3 pieces)

To kick start we have the Stationery pouch which looks amazing! The design feature Tanjiro and Nezuko clothing but not their character which might not be a bad thing. It gives the very classy feel. The pouch can hold your pens and notebook as well, so pretty much if you manage to pull this you can put all your other prizes into this as well!

Only comes with the pouch so don’t expect anything inside.

Prize B (3 pieces)

Yes your eyes did not deceive you, the pens are actually a top prize! The pens itself looks really cool, it comes with a small charm at the end. To make it look like a top prize you get 3 pens instead of 1. You only get the pens for the prize, the wooden display stand sadly does not come with it 😦 It would be so cool if it does, imagine how awesome your pens will look when displayed.

There are 3 designs, 1 piece each in every set. They are not blinded so pulling this early gives you the option to choose what you want.

Prize C (6 pieces)

In case the first picture wasn’t clear, this is a scissors! It can be kept into a pen style so it’s easier for you to store it! The scissors is relatively weak so you may only use it for paper and not on thicker object. It’s considered a rarer prize, I am shock too, since there’s only 6 pieces in each set. Would hope that more people are able to get this.

There are 3 designs, 2 pieces each in a set, they are not blind as well, so you can pick your favorite.

Prize D (22 pieces)

Next we have notebooks, it is pretty much like a normal notebook but it has the Demon Slayer design and it’s ribbon tied so that makes it a bit cooler. It’s an A5 notebook, you can store into the pouch if you manage to pull it.

There are 11 designs, 2 each in every set, this is blinded so hope you can get what you want.

Prize E (30 pieces)

The most common prize in the set, you are very likely to walk away with this prize so if you plan to buy this set, you need to start liking this prize. The folders looks good, each designs features color and an icon of a character in the show. It’s really not that bad for a designed folder but because it’s so common in Kuji nowadays, you can get really sick if you get more of these.

There are 15 designs and 2 pieces each in each set. They are also blinded so collecting all designs might be an issue but I foresee that they are pretty common in the market when everyone starts to sell off their folders.

Last Prize

This is an amazing last prize! First of all it reminds you of Nezuko, please don’t bite it, and you can use it as a really cool bag! It’s a pencil case but there’s sling available so feel free to use it however you like! It’s also a unique prize that you can only get it through buying out so it will definitely motivate people to buy out.


Stationery Pouch4.69%
Pencil Set4.69%


Probability of getting at least 1 top prize (A or B)Total tickets


After seeing the prizes, one thing is for sure, the designs is amazing! That being said, are these prizes really worth $12? I mean even the top prizes might not be as appealing as it seems. I have a huge fan of Demon Slayer and I am actually hesitating to buy one ticket because the folders and notebooks and even the scissors are clearly not worth $12.

The top prizes are also not very expensive, they are not comparable to plush and figurines. Sure they have their own usage but would you pay $12 for the top prizes as well? I might not. It’s stationery so there will be price comparisons, you can get a folders for about $2, notebook for about $3, scissors $3, good quality pens for $4 each and a stationery pouch for around $20, so do you really see the need to pay $12 for the Demon Slayer design on your stationeries? That is the question you need to ask yourself before buying.

Your odds of getting A or B are also not high so you have to prepare accept the fact that you will really pay $12 for folders or notebooks and for designs that you are unable to choose. If you can accept all of these, then by all means, please play. If not, and if you really want something from this set, I suggest play 1 ticket for the fun of it and move on to other sets.

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