Cinnamoroll 20th Anniversary

Sanrio Kuji is back with Cinnamoroll as the main character! It’s his 20th birthday! So for those who are unsure of Sanrio Kuji/Lottery, it’s basically also a ticket concept but whatever you pull is the prize you get so you cannot select your preferred design 😦 but it’s okay since everything will be Cinnamoroll theme!

Retail Price: SGD14

Total Ticket: 70

Release Date: March 2020

So the prize is slightly more expensive than usual Kuji but the total ticket is lesser too.

Prize 1 (2 pieces)

If you love to eat Japanese pancake, then this is the prize to look out for! This is not as versatile as some of electric appliances that was released before but it’s definitely something worth keeping!

Prize 2 (2 pieces)

If you prefer plush over electric appliances, then this Cinnamoroll plush is suited for you! The design fits in the theme since it’s his anniversary so a cake plush would be appropriate!

Prize 3 (4 pieces)

Next would be a sling bag! What is so unique about this is that you can use this as a sling bag to use when going out or remove the sling and use it as a tote bag! It’s a very versatile bag and it’s not small! The design is also adorable!

Prize 4 (10 pieces)

I am not a fan of towels unless they are really cute or special. It’s strange the small prize are at the top of the number list but there’s only 10 of them so your chances of getting lots of towel is not that big compared to other Kuji series! Also if there’s any consolation, you will get 2 towels instead of it! There are 2 designs and each prize consist of them both!

Prize 5 and 6 (5 pieces each)

Next will be tumblers! You can use this to store your drinks or simply display them! They are not easy to find in the set too, so it’s good regardless you pull them or not! If you do, know that you got something uncommon, if you don’t means you will get something else!

Prize 7 (10 pieces)

This is an adorable Cinnamoroll pouch! Nothing much need to be said for this piece of cuteness, simple yet charming and there’s plenty to go around in the set!

Prize 8 and 9 ( 5 pieces each)

These are trays in case you wish to have something to store all the food crumbs and drink drips and prevent them from dirtying your table! Very cute design and will come in handy! You can use it to store your Cinnamoroll prizes too!

Prize 10 (10 pieces)

This is so adorable! What others series might put as a top prize is down at the bottom of the number list but in my opinion it should be considered a top prize since it’s so huge and it will come in use! There are plenty to go around in the set and you should be happy if you manage to pull this because I feel that this is one of the better small prizes!

Prize 11 and 12 (6 pieces each)

Lastly we end off with bowls, they are not too bad and the design are great. Just like the other small prices with multiple designs, it’s not too bad to get them because there’s only 5 of each in a set, so they are not common.

Last Prize

This is a cute and amazing stool and definitely can be consider when anyone wants to buy out the tickets! I mean it’s the whole Cinnamoroll fan, I think a fan cannot ask for more! It’s a unique prize too so the only want to get is to buy out.


Pancake Maker2.86%
Tote Sling Bag5.71%
Soap Bottle14.29%


Probability of getting at least one top prize (1, 2 or 3)Tickets Bought


One thing I feel can be improved on Sanrio Kuji is always the choice of designs, you lack the option to choose your favorite design if you really want to get a certain prize you will have to pull it (actually just buy it from someone who has it, it’s easier). That being said, it’s a great set with lots of attractive prizes! The soap bottle for starter is amazing and I will take that over any other prize! The top 3 prizes are also good in their way and the other prizes sort of make up for the prize you pay for the ticket!

If you are a fan of Cinnamoroll, you can consider buying 5 or 6 tickets to try your luck! I don’t suggest anything more because you shouldn’t be spending so much to get a sling tote bag or plush, it’s more of a form of entertainment and also getting the prizes associated with characters you like!

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