Dragon Ball Ex Warriors Who Protect the Earth

It’s another time for a Dragon Ball Kuji, fret not, this set features characters from the first Dragon Ball series, so you will see quite a bit of Retro characters!

Ticket Price: SGD15

Total Tickets: 80

Release Date: March 2021

The ticket is a bit more costly, probably because your odds of getting figure (both big and small) is higher. It’s not too bad since it’s at least justifiable. The total tickets is standard too.

Prize A (2 pieces)

Goku and Gohan kicks start this set with an amazing and relaxing sculpt. I am a fan of Prizes that gives out 2 characters and this father and son combo sure attracts many, we get a lot of Goku and Gohan but it’s the first Kuji prize that we are getting both of them together!

Prize B (2 pieces)

It’s been a while since we last saw Piccolo in the DB series, and it’s his first Masterlise figure! Looks amazing and makes me want to get it. Very happy they actually feature him.

Prize C (2 pieces)

Tien Shinhan makes his DB debut after so long! He is really an underrated character and I think it’s great for him to be featured in this set and attract fans to buy this set.

Prize D (1 piece)

Yamcha is back again, this is his second appearance in the Kuji series, first was featured in History of Rivals. He does look comedic here but that’s his character. He is less popular but having 1 piece of his figure in the set might not be a good thing especially if collectors wants to collect everything from this set.

Prize E (2 pieces)

Chiaotzu is such an adorable character. He also makes his debut in the DB series. What is so great about this figure is the options to change his face expression and also his hands, which makes this figure so attractive despite his lack of size. Very glad that there are 2 pieces of him in the set so more people are able to get these.

Prize F (11 pieces)

If you have been collecting the Dragon Archives figurines, then you cannot missed out this set too. All characters in this set have never been released from previous sets and they are all unique too! They make a great consolation prize! If you never pull a big figure hope you are least contented with these!

There are 5 designs, 4 of them have 2 pieces in the set while 1 has 3 pieces, not sure which one. They are blinded too so collection part will be a bit more troublesome, but you can just buy the figure off from someone who has it.

Prize G (15 pieces)

I am not sure how long have I been waiting for, but finally metal coasters! Rubber ones are not bad but metal one sure looks more legit! What is so great about it, is that they come in pairs! So you get 2 for one prize! Design wise is just classy, they are simple yet nice.

They are 6 pairs of designs, 3 of them has 3 pieces each in a set while the other 3 only has 2 pieces, not sure which has which, but they are not blind so you can pick your favorite!

Prize H (25 pieces)

Towels are usually very underwhelm but long towels are a different story! They come in more handy and at 60cm long you have more usage for them! Design wise is very consistent as previous series as well.

There are 8 designs, 7 of them have 3 pieces in a set and 1 has 4 pieces, not too sure which ones but all not blinded too so if you are collecting then it will be easier!

Prize I (20 pieces)

Not to undermine the prize but this seems to be the least favorite but they do have their own usage! Illustration boards are great to display especially for DB fans that grew up with this series, they are A3 too so it’s not a small board.

There are 6 designs, 4 of them have 3 pieces each in a set while the other 2 has 2 pieces each, I am again not too sure of which has 3 but again this is not blinded so you can pick your favorite design!

Last Prize

This is a color variant of Prize A, with Goku’s costume being lighter shade of orange. It’s a good way to encourage a buyout in case you didn’t manage to get prize A, this is a good alternative since only the color differs! Also it’s a double figure so nothing bad!


Goku and Gohan2.5%
Tien Shinhan2.5%
Mini Figures13.75%
Metal Coasters18.75%
Long Towels31.25%
Illustration Board25%


Probability of getting at least a Figure (A to F) / at least a Big Figure (A to E)Tickets Bought


I am very impressed with this series, not only because the top prizes are fantastic but the small prizes are very attractive as well. Whenever a series features both big and small prizes, they already become very appealing to buyers, a good one quarter of the tickets consist of figure, which is a good odds to be honest.

The small prizes are also very useful and doesn’t make you feel too bad for pulling them! More important the characters in the top prizes (A to E) are unique characters that you can only find in this set (apart from D, but hey, there’s only 1). It compensates the fact that the ticket cost $15 (more expensive than usual), so given if you are a fan of the retro DB series, getting 10 tickets or so is reasonable.

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