Rilakkuma JUICY Gelato Shop


We are doing a back to back Rilakkuma post just solely by coincident. This one is from Ichiban Kuji, which features Gelato baby theme!

Retail Price: SGD18 to 19

Total Tickets: 70

Release Date: March 2021

The ticket prize is expensive given that Singapore probably won’t be getting any license from San X for this, so shops are going to parallel import this if they are getting this set. Total tickets is lesser than usual but depending on the distribution of prizes before we can decide if it’s a good thing.

Prize A (2 pieces)


Of course Rilakkuma kicks start the set by being Prize A, this line of plush is so adorable that it’s hard to resist the temptation to buy a ticket! Does not come with the ice cream but it does make you want to eat an ice cream!

Prize B (2 pieces)


Next will naturally be Korilakkuma, she represents strawberry flavored gelato and she is so cute. I believe every Rilakkuma fans will want both her and Rilakkuma plush for this set.

Prize C (2 pieces)


Chairoikoguma is next, and I am glad that there are 2 pieces of prizes for him since he is not a main character line but always good to have more than 1 top prize. He represents chocolate flavored gelato.

Prize D (2 pieces)


Kiiroitori is a very underrated character, most of the time people would pick the others over him, but he is cute in his way! First off, his plush is different from the other 3, you would think that he stands out, but he fits in well with the others so it makes you want to get all 4 plush to in order to feel completed! Also very happy that there are 2 pieces of him in a set since Bandai normally likes to limit the least popular character to 1 piece :/

Prize E ( 12 pieces)


This is an amazingly long towel, at 60cm you can use it as a gym towel a hand towel or even a bath towel (if you have a small body). The designs for the characters along with their flavored gelato is so attractive. It makes a great consolation prize.

There are 4 designs, and each with 3 pieces in a set, easy to collect since it is not blinded.

Prize F ( 16 pieces)


The bowl and cups are so gorgeous looking that I am falling in love with this set! You can use the bowl and cups for anything not restricted to only gelato and milk shakes! The designs are amazing too, does not come with gelato.

There are 2 designs for the bowl and 3 designs for the cup, there are 3 pieces for 4 of them and 4 pieces for the remaining 1 in a set, I am not too sure about the distribution as of now. They are not blinded too, so you can choose if you want a cup or bowl!

Prize G ( 18 pieces)


If you get hand towels, don’t feel too bad, I know most Kuji buyers tend to get angry when they pull hand towels, but the designs are majestic, I don’t think you will feel bad having any of those.

There are 5 designs, 3 of them have 4 pieces while 2 have 3 pieces in a set, I am not sure which one has 3 though. They are also not blinded so feel free to pick your favorite!

Prize H (16 pieces)


It’s a mini bottle but it’s a cute mini bottle that you can bring around on field trips or hiking! The characters on each design are fabulous too, and it’s a very common prize in the set so it’s not hard to get your hands on one of these!

There are 4 designs and 4 pieces each in a set, also not blinded so easy for collection! And again if you don’t want to use them, just display them!

Last Prize


If you didn’t manage to pull Chairoikoguma you can aim for the last prize! This is the open mouth variant that looks just or even cuter than Prize C! It’s a great motivator for buy outs too especially if you already have A, B and/or D!


Long Towel17.14%
Bowl/ Cup22.86%


Probability of getting at least one top prize (A, B, C or D)Tickets Bought


I really love this set, it brings Rilakkuma cuteness onto a next level. I feel like the issue with sets that are expensive is always the prices that matters, if this was $13, I would have recommend Rilakkuma lover to play as much as 7 tickets, but because it is pricey, I would suggest buying passively, just get maybe 3 tickets to try for fun and if you end up with small prize, at least you don’t feel very broke.

The prizes and design are great, just not worth $18 per tickets. I mean small towel, cups, bowls and small bottles should never be priced that much. If you are paying a decent rate for this set, then by all means play as much until you get what you want, else, be a bit more passive, plush should not be price that high.

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