Rilakkuma Part 51

I have been talking about Ichiban Kuji for so many post, it’s time we do something different! This is san-X lottery, featuring Rilakkuma! So part 51 means it’s the 51st Rilakkuma Kuji done by San-x. For those who hadn’t play before, this lottery works the same, but instead of Prize A, B, C and so on, it categorize the prize by symbols!

This theme features cute cats for great for both Rilakkuma and cat lovers!

Retail Price: SGD12

Total Tickets: 100

Release Date: December 2020

The retail price is fairly cheaper but it also has way more tickets in total. Also note that there is no last prize in this set.

Flower Prize (2 pieces)

These are adorable Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma in a cat costume. It’s so said that out of so many tickets there is only 2 pieces of such prize, that’s how they keep these prizes valuable in a way.

There are 2 designs, 1 piece for each, you can pick your favorite character when you pull this prize, just hope the one that you want is still available.

Music Prize (2 pieces)

If you didn’t get the big plush, then this would be a consolation plush, featuring Korilakkuma and cat. They are smaller though but it’s an adorable twin to display. They come in a pair so if you pull this prize, they are both yours!

Heart Prize (2 pieces)

Night Slippers are the best aren’t they, and this pair is so cute that you might not bear to use them! They feature Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma, and don’t worry you will get a pair if you win this prize!

Only thing I have here is that the distribution, they could have given us more pieces of this.

Clover Prize (8 pieces)

Having some storage issue? Korilakkuma is here! This big storage box can help you to store all your items including Kuji stuff! It’s one of the better prizes here and if you manage to pull this, you should feel lucky !

There are 2 designs and 4 pieces each in a set.

Spade Prize (30 pieces)

Here comes one of the common prizes in the set, it’s pretty normal, so if you pull lots of these, don’t feel too bad. Fortunately, they are adorable and a good prize, you can use the plates or simply display them!

There are 2 designs and 15 pieces each in a set.

Star Prize (56 pieces)

More than half of the prizes here are tote bags so it’s going to quite common to pull them unless you are very lucky. There are not that bad though, it’s pretty usable and you can roll and tie them to put them in your pocket or bag if you are not using them and also you are being very environment friendly! All 4 designs are attractive in their way.

There are 4 designs and 14 pieces each in a set. No blinds so you can choose your favorite design!

No Last Prize 😦


Big Plush2%
Small Plush2%
Tote Bags56%


Probability of getting at least one big prize (Big, Small plush or slippersTickets Bought


Truth be told, this is one of the worst Kuji concept ever: Too many tickets, too many small prizes, too little variety of small prizes and no last prize. If the top prizes are gone in a set, there is absolutely no motivation to continue buying. You should only buy this set if there are still big prizes and you don’t mind getting the plates or tote bags.

Plush are cute, but to only feature 2 big ones and 2 small ones out of 100, it beats the purpose of a Kuji, the set is selling well probably due to Rilakkuma’s fame, but mathematically speaking this is one of the worst Kuji odds. You should never commit to buy too many tickets, even if you like the small prizes I would suggest maximum 7 tickets.

Also I really like Rilakkuma, but this kind of Kuji is really bad in terms of concept and I hope more improvement can be done.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design7: Cat theme is cute, almost thought they are crossing over with Neko from Sumikko
Top Prizes8: Very cute plush and slippers is very unique for a top prize!
Small Prizes8: All are great items that are usable!
Last Prize0: NONE 😦
Monetary Value5: For $12 your odds of getting plates or totes are extremely high so play knowing the odds
Collection Value7: Easy to collect since it’s not blinded and very little things to complete too. Just buy the prize from someone if you really want, beats pulling it from the Kuji.
Overall58.33% C: The reason is solely the lack of last prize and lack of motivation to buy out if the top prizes are gone. Cute stuff but as I said, too many small prizes and too little big ones for the price that you are paying.

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