That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime-Harvest Festival


Slime is back with another set, just FYI I have very limited knowledge of the show so I am just reviewing this based on the aesthetic of the prizes and the odds, so do correct me if I am wrong if you find any wrong information about the characters or the past series.

Retail Price: SGD13

Release Date: Jan 2021

Total Tickets: 80

A pretty standard Kuji box, nothing too much to say, so let’s get into the prizes!

Prize A (2 pieces)


Rimuru kicks off yet again with another awesome figure. I believe every previous Slime Kuji set (except for together with Mr. Rimuru) has Rimuru as the A prize. Looks great and a great figure to get to add to your collection.

Prize B (2 pieces)


Milim makes her 3rd appearance in the series, this is an amazing figure, not only does she look adorable, she holds on to Rimuru slime which is a great add on. There are also 2 pieces of her figurine so more people can posses this great figurine!

Prize C ( 1 piece)


Rimuru makes another appearance in this set! It’s quite common to see 2 Rimuru figurines in the top prizes since he is the main character. This is an amazing figure as well with the gorgeous effect and the Slime form included too! The only bad thing is that there is only 1 piece of this figure in a set, so it’s going to be harder to get. But luckily it’s not a distinct character so if you missed this figure out, you can display with other versions of Rimuru.

Prize D (10 pieces)


I am not sure if some of you have ever touched a CD before, but it’s a really strange prize (not that it’s bad). This CD comes with the show’s theme. Even if you don’t want to listen to any music in it, you can display this, it does have a cute cover.

Prize E (10 pieces)


This is a legit illustration book, I don’t know what’s inside the content but even if I do, I shouldn’t share with you if not it will defeat the purpose of this prize. It’s another unique prize though, the only down side to this is that it’s in Japanese, so unless you can read it, you probably can only display it or read the pictures.

There are 2 designs, each has 5 pieces in a set.

Prize F (35 pieces)


Charms are the smallest prize in the set but they are adorable! It’s cute and a great accessory to hang in your bag or just display them with your collection!

There are 12 designs, the first 2 Rimuru has 5 pieces each, the next Rimuru, both Milim and Diablo has 3 pieces each and the other characters have 2 pieces each. All not blinded but you can see that Rimuru is the common piece so if you intend to collect do aim for the rarer pieces before they ran out of stock.

Prize G (20 pieces)


I believe this is the first Mini figure for this Kuji series! It’s as adorable as it can be and it features the main characters. A great way to start your mini figure collection! It also present itself as a great consolation prize in case you didn’t get A, B or C, at least you have a figure!

There are 6 designs, 4 of them have 3 pieces in a set while the other 2 has 4 pieces, I am not sure which 2, they are blind boxes so you might need to do some buying or trading to get the full set.

Last Prize


The last prize is a variant of the A prize which looks absolutely dope! If you didn’t get your hands on prize A this can be what you are aiming for next! It’s also a great motivator for buy out since it’s an entire different variant of Rimuru!


Prizes Probability
Rimuru Auto Battle Mode1.25%
Mini Figure25%
Probability of getting at least one Big Prize (A, B or C)Tickets Bought


Harvest Festival is a good Slim Kuji giving good prizes, the main take away from this is that there odds of getting A, B or C is relatively harder, but Slime Kuji tends to have lesser big figure in the set so you will most likely end up with the smaller prizes. That being said, the other prizes make up your $13 value, CD and booklet are almost worth that price (yes CD cost more than $10) and mini figure makes your $13 worth spending! The charms might not be worth $13 but hey you are playing Kuji, you can’t win all the time, yet it’s not that bad of a prize!

If you are a fan of this series, do go ahead and get some tickets, don’t get too many because duplicate CD and booklet won’t be useful for you, but getting a chance to get the top prizes or worst case, ending up with charms doesn’t seem so much of a bad thing if you really this series!


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design7: Not too hype about the theme but good enough to make me care
Top Prizes8: Good figurines
Small Prizes6: Very unique small prizes in the form of CD and booklet, but they might be appealing enough to attract non-Japanese buyer
Last Prize7: Good variation of Prize A
Monetary Value7: Good chance of figures so quite worthy but you might also get multiple CD and booklet.
Collection Value5: Charms are not easy to get since some characters have lesser quantity and mini figures are blinded too, only 1 Prize C so it might be a little hard to collect everything.
Overall66.67% B-: Not a bad set, unique small prizes but just not targeting towards non-Japanese fans.

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