Sumikko Gurashi Mysterious Rabbit Oniwa Theme


Sumikko is one of the Kuji that varies across different brands, this time features the Mysterious Bunny theme from Ichiban Kuji!

Retail Price: SGD18++

Release Date: Feb 2021

Total Tickets: 66

One of the rare cases of a Kuji to have only 66 tickets in a set, but means your odds of getting a plush is higher. The retail price in SG is slightly higher, probably due to SG not having license to sell this product, hence every shop that does have it will be parallel importing instead.

Prize A (2 pieces)

Shirokuma starts off every Kuji being the A prize, he is adorable as always. Glad that there are 2 pieces of him so more people are able to pull him.

Prize B ( 1 piece)

The thing I never get is why Penguin is always the one with only 1 piece in the set while his fellow buddies have 2 or more. I mean I love Penguin don’t know about everyone, so having only 1 piece of him in a set makes any fans of Penguin sad when that only piece is pulled :/ That being said, amazing plush.

Prize C (2 pieces)

Neko continues the line of cute plush in this set, so far so good, you can see all the plush have a specific theme related to the set.

Prize D (3 pieces)

Finally they are giving more pieces of Tokage in a set, Tokage is by far the most popular character in Sumikko, so having 3 pieces of him in a set sure makes more people very happy.

Prize E (15 pieces)

Normally charm would be a mediocre prize but this charm is gorgeous! Not only does it have an actual figure but the tea cup looks amazing! If you don’t intend to hang them on your bag, you can display all 5 of them beside your food to make the food look appealing!

There are 5 designs and 3 pieces each, they are not blinded so go ahead and picked your favorite character!

Prize F (16 pieces)

The saucers looks really good, you can use it as a plate or a bowl as well or just place them beside your food to create a better ambient! The designs are great as well, you have the family on 2 designs and Shirokuma and Tonkatsu on the others.

There are 4 designs and 4 pieces each in a set, they are free to choose, so you can pick your favorite design!

Prize G (9 pieces)

The containers are one of the rarer prizes in Kuji and getting one of these will be a great consolation prize! You can store things or food inside them and the designs are just so adorable.

There are 3 designs and 3 pieces each in a set and they are again not blinded so you will surely get something you like!

Prize H (18 pieces)

The towels are very cute, take nothing away from them but the thing is that the other prizes are just so much better that it makes the towels look like the worst thing to get in this set. Their designs are as cute and awesome as the other prizes so don’t feel too bad getting them! You can lay them out as a table mat or display them! Also there are not an overwhelming amount of pieces for this prize so you will still be able to trade or sell them away if you don’t like them!

There are 5 designs, 3 of them have 4 pieces in a set while the other 2 only has 3 pieces, my guess is the Neko and Tokage are the 2. Not blinded as well!

Last Prize

The last prize is definitely Tokage, almost all last prize is him for some reason, but not just that! Ebi comes with him too! If you are a fan of them or you want the whole plush collection, then buying out is the only option! (Unless you want to buy from someone who has it). It’s a great motivator for buyout because there will definitely be a fan of him that will want his plush.




Probability of getting a top prize (A to D)Tickets Bought


As much as I am a huge huge huge fan of Sumikko, this set’s value is not worth SGD 18 to me. If there are ways to get this for $13 I will go ahead and buy some. It’s one thing to be a fan of a theme and support your favorite character but it’s another to be smart about it. The plush are awesome and adorable, the prizes are great too, the chances of you getting a small prize (E to H) is relatively higher so if you want to buy a ticket for this set, you need to have the mindset that you might be paying $18 for a container/saucer/towel and if you are totally okay with it, then good luck in your draw 🙂

I really hope SG will be able to get Ichiban Kuji license for Sumikko so fans can buy this series at a more affordable prize. It’s sad for me that I will be missing out the goodies but it’s the right thing (for me). Plush are great but there is a point to realize that Plush shouldn’t be priced as expensive as figurines, even $13 seems a bit pricey, let alone $18. Price aside, Sumikko sets are usually very well design and attracts you into it after looking at the catalogue, this is no exception!


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design7: Rabbit theme is alright
Top Prizes8: Cute and adorable plush will never go wrong
Small Prizes7: Charm is very good, saucer and container is not bad, towels always cause the issue.
Last Prize9: How can your set be completed without Tonkatsu!
Monetary Value5: Definitely not worth $18~
Collection Value8: No blinds and little variation so all is easy to complete
Overall73.33% B: Adorable and lovely, just the cost can be an issue if it’s too expensive, don’t pay too much for plush.

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