Dragon Ball has reached the point where it’s common to see a new release every month. If you are a Dragon Ball Z fan, you will either be excited to see new things every month or you just couldn’t be bothered. Regardless, I am here to go through this set.

Dokkan Battle is a Dragon Ball online game, they are celebrating their 6th Anniversary by coming out with a Kuji set.

Retail Price: SGD13 per tix

Total Tickets: 80

Release Date: February 2021

The tickets are pretty standard and the total ticket as well.

SP Prize (2 pieces)

Goku Ultra Instinct kicks off the set with another figure, you couldn’t call it a Dragon Ball Kuji if Goku isn’t present right? What is so great about this figure is the rock stand. If you are a fan of Goku you might want to add this to your collection.

Prize A (3 pieces)

More Goku figures in the set, this is the Super Saiyan God and the figure features the burning stand as well as some bursting effect in the background.

Prize B (1 piece)

Next we have future trunks wielding his sword and also has effect parts around him. This is a great sculpt and it’s a pity that there is only 1 piece of this figure in every set.

Prize C (1 piece)

Future Gohan looks amazing as well with the blast effect. The only bad thing about this is the distribution, such a good figure but only has 1 piece in each set.

Prize D (1 piece)

Black Goku is so badass, standing on a cyclone effect stand. He is also another unfortunate figure to only be getting 1 piece in each set.

Prize E (1 piece)

This is the debut for Pan figure in the Dragon Ball Kuji series! Such a rare cases we get a new character! Unlike other figures in this set, she does not has any effect but that’s fine, her sculpture looks perfect. Unfortunately again, there is only 1 of her figure in every set, so it’s going to be expensive and hard to hunt for her. She comes with a stand too so make her “fly”.

Prize F (23 pieces)

I believe this is the first time we are getting bottles are one of the prizes for a Dragon Ball Kuji! These bottles comes in 4 colors and look absolutely gorgeous! You can make use of them to hydrate yourself, or you can just display all of them.

There are 8 designs, 7 designs have 3 pieces in each set while one only has 2 pieces, I am not sure which is it. These are blinds but don’t worry if you need a certain design you can just buy one from someone else, I am sure they willing to sell you at a good price.

Prize F (24 pieces)

If you are reading this from a future date, do know that the world is having a pandemic right now as of 2021. So this Kuji prize is going to be very useful! It’s a surgical mask holder! You can now keep your mask in a more hygienic way and what better way to hold it than keeping in a design of your favorite Dragon Ball character!

There are 8 designs, each design has 3 pieces in a set, you will be able to choose your designs!

Prize H (24 Pieces)

The folder design are amazing, it not only features the characters from the show but also their name at the bottom. There are 2 folders in every prize with the exception of the mystery which only has 1 folder, but it’s double sided! The secret usually don’t last very long since someone will reveal what it is on the first day of the Kuji release, but I shall keep it as a mystery.

There are 8 designs, each has 3 pieces in a set. It is a blind, which is odd, because I think it’s the first time that they are making a folder as a blind.

Last Prize

Well the last prize is a variant of SP prize, this one has the additional fire effect as well as the ground breaking effect. If you didn’t get the SP prize then this would be a great motivator for a buy out.


Ultra Instinct Goku2.5%
Super Saiyan God Goku3.75%
Future Trunks1.25%
Future Gohan1.25%
Black Goku1.25%
Mask Holder30%
Folder Set30%


Probability of getting at least 1 figure (SP, A to E) Tickets Bought


Dragon Ball Kuji tends to be the go big or go home format where you either get a figure or end up with lots of small prizes. The small prizes looks amazing as always but due to the overwhelm of them in the market they will be cheaper to get, so if you really like the small prizes and want to collect them, buy from someone else instead. If you are a Dragon Ball fan, buying a few tickets is fine, but because of the number of blinds in the set you might not be able to choose what designs you want, if you are not okay with it, don’t play this set.

Overall is a good design and something different about the figures since they have effect parts, but the distribution of figures just doesn’t make too much sense, there are a total of 5 SP and A prizes but B, C, D and E only has 1 of each which makes it so hard to get and might devalue SP and A. If you are looking to complete the figure, you will need to hunt them down slowly, maybe start off by buying 10 or 20 and hunt down the rest, do be prepared to pay more for those figures as they are rarer.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design7: Quite decent for a theme related to a Game
Top Prizes8: Great figurine overall, all are sculpted well
Small Prizes7: Very unique prize in the form of mask cover, the others are not too bad
Last Prize7: Great alternate art in case you never get SP
Monetary Value7: Not too bad for $13
Collection Value4: Bottle and mask cover are easy to complete, folders can be an issue so is the figurines
Overall66.67% B-: Not a bad DBZ set, not the best as well, if you are into the game then you should try out a few tickets.


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