Super Mario 35th


Mario is back with another Kuji, this time round is it celebrating it’s 35th Anniversary.

Retail Price: SGD 16 per ticket

Total Tickets: 66

Release Date: Jan 2021

The ticket for Mario is slightly more expensive than usual, I am not sure is it because Singapore do not have the license to Nintendo characters, also it’s not commonly found around the country, so perhaps shops that do take are parallel importing the goods?

The total tickets is lesser than usual, so your chances of getting the top prize will increase.

Prize A ( 2 pieces)

This amazing looking Mario plush is so adorable and deserve to be in the top prize list. What is so special about this plush is that it makes sound! All the sound he makes are his signature catch phrases!

Prize B ( 2 pieces)

The Alarm clock looks dope! Even if you don’t intend to use it, it’s a fantastic display piece! It has all the amazing Mario evolution from 1985 to 2019! It also makes all the game sound so if you are into Mario then this is the prize you need to look out for as well!

Prize C (2 pieces)

Normally buyers are not a fan of towels, and for a towel to be in the top prize seems a bit turn off, but not for this case! The Mario evolution towel looks amazing! It features the evolution of Mario from 1985 to 2019 and it’s printed out on the towel so if you are not using it, you can display it!

Prize D (2 pieces)

Wow the prizes just keeps me amazed! The dispenser set comes with Boo’s 2 different expression, even if you don’t intend to use it, you can display them! It glows in the dark as well!

Prize E ( 12 pieces)

Tote bags are usually underappreciated in other Kuji product but this tote bag looks great! One features all the Mario game logo while the other shows the signature question mark box ! You can use it to carry your groceries or food and save the earth by reducing the usage of plastic bags! You can also keep the bag neatly so it fits into your pocket if you are not using it!

There are 12 pieces and 2 designs, each design has 6 pieces in a set. You can choose the design.

Prize F (16 pieces)


This thick plate makes any Mario fan goes crazy over them! All the designs features part of the original Mario gameplay. What is so great about this plate is that you can stack 4 of them up to form a brick! So getting more of these ain’t so bad!

There are 12 pieces and 4 designs, each designs has 3 pieces in a set. They are not blinded as well, so you can pick your favorite design!

Prize G (30 pieces)


These towel are precisely design and they look gorgeous! They are also kept in a small zip bag that features the front cover of their different console games! If you are not intending to use the towel, you can display them inside the bag!

There are 30 pieces and 8 designs, 6 of the designs have 4 pieces while the other 2 have 2 pieces in every set, I am not sure which 2. These are not blinded as well, so pick your favorites!

Last Prize

Not only is this another Alarm Clock, but it’s a unique design featuring the 35th anniversary logo and all their games ever created at the background! It also has game sound effect, this would be a great motivator for buy out!


Mario Plush3.03%
Alarm Clock3.03%
Big Towel3.03%
Dispenser Set3.03%
Tote Bag18.18%
Small Towel45.45%


Probability of getting at least one big prize (A to D)Tickets Bought


Most likely everyone knows Mario, but true fans of the product will really love this set. As much as the prizes are awesome, the cost of the tickets are not cheap, so only if you are willing to spend $16 to $17 and prepared to get a small towel out of it, then go ahead and play this Kuji.

If the price for this ticket is $13, I would recommend you to try 1 ticket for the fun of it, especially if you are a Mario fan. However, the cost is not cheap, so it might even be wiser if you buy the prizes directly from someone who has it than playing it in hopes of getting what you want.

The set is really amazing, if you really love Mario, and you really have the money to play, then by all means the previous point won’t be a factor to you. I can only hope that we would get the licensing to sell Mario product in Singapore so we will get an affordable price for future Mario Kuji.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design8: Mario Feels
Top Prizes7: Very Unique prizes, but not wowing enough
Small Prizes7: Good small prizes that feels special but still repetitive of previous prizes
Last Prize5: Nice design but don’t see the need to buy out specially for it.
Monetary Value5: A little costly for the prizes
Collection Value8: Easy to collect since nothing is blinded and very few variation of small prizes.
Overall66.67% B-: Give you a good hype about Mario but probably don’t see the need to play too aggressively.

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