Pokemon For You -Dramatic Collection

Ichiban Kuji Pokémon for You -Dramatic Collection-

Pokemon released another Kuji set, this time features Galarian Ponyta. So if you are a fan of this Pokemon then this is not a set that you would want to miss!

Retail Price: SGD12 per tix

Total Tickets: 90

Release Date: Jan 2021

The tickets are cheaper than usual Kuji, but they have more total tickets, in a good way, more buyers are able to purchase the product and get what they want.

Prize A (2 pieces)

Ichiban Kuji Pokémon for You -Dramatic Collection-

This globe is actually a room light, it has 3 different color and it is a great display set. The figurines inside are sculpted well too!

Prize B (3 pieces)

Ichiban Kuji Pokémon for You -Dramatic Collection-

Every Pokemon Kuji will always have a plush toy inside, so expect 1 or 2 in a set. Galarian Ponyta is one of them and it debuts in this set, so if you are a fan of this Pokemon or you intend to collect all the Pokemon plush, this will be the prize to look out for!

Prize C (4 pieces)

Ichiban Kuji Pokémon for You -Dramatic Collection-

Pikachu is a very common plush, you will see him in almost every set (actually come to think of it, you won’t but you get my point). This variant wears a bow tie. Fans of Pikachu would want to add this to their collection.

Prize D ( 18 pieces)

Ichiban Kuji Pokémon for You -Dramatic Collection-

Glass usually will be preferred compared to the plates, but they both look amazing. You can use them or add them to your hardware collection.

There are 3 designs for the plate, each has 4 pieces in a set, where there are 2 designs for the glasses but only 3 pieces each in a set, probably because of this reason the glasses are more preferred? They are not blinded so you can freely choose your preferred design!

Prize E (18 pieces)

Ichiban Kuji Pokémon for You -Dramatic Collection-

It is very uncommon to see stationeries appearing in the Kuji set, but they do look superb! You can choose from a variation of notebook, mini folder set or a tape! The variety not only make the set looks more attractive but also motivates buyer to get more of these since they are good to keep!

There are 2 designs for the mini folders, 3 each in each set. There are 2 designs for the notebook, 4 each in each set. There is 4 pieces of tape in each set. And again they are not blinded so you can choose which stationery you want when you get this prize!

Prize F (20 pieces)

Ichiban Kuji Pokémon for You -Dramatic Collection-

This prize features variation of items as well! There is drawstring bags and towel! The drawstring bag definitely is more attractive than the towels, and also because towel is too common in Kuji set. Regardless, they are both well designed.

There are 2 designs for the drawstring bags and each has only 2 pieces in a set while there are 4 designs for the towels and each has 4 pieces in a set. If you want the drawstring bags do buy tickets earlier on! You can choose your designs too for this prize.

Prize G (25 pieces)

Ichiban Kuji Pokémon for You -Dramatic Collection-

There will always be charms for any Pokemon Kuji set, this is no exception. All the Pokemon features are so adorable and it will be great to collect them all to either display or simply hang it on your bag.

There are 10 designs, with 5 having 3 pieces and 5 having 2 pieces in a set, the distribution of which 5 is unknown as of now. These are blind boxes, so if you need to collect them all, do hunt them down from someone else instead.

Last Prize

Ichiban Kuji Pokémon for You -Dramatic Collection-

If you did not manage to get Prize A for this set, the last prize works as well! It has a white base instead of purple but all the features remains the same! It will be a great motivator for buying out!


Globe Light2.22%
Galarian Ponyta Plush3.33%
Pikachu Plush4.44%
Drawstring Bag/ Towel22.22%


Probability of Getting at least one big prize (A to C)Tickets Bought


If you are still not amazed by this set then I do not know what actually amazes you (actually do share with me if you are not amazed). The prizes in this set are really awesome. The small prizes somehow feels more attractive than the big prizes, don’t get me wrong, the big prizes are still amazing but even if you get the small prizes from your ticket, I don’t think you will feel that bad.

The amount of variety is what amazes me in this set, there are glasses, plates, drawstring bags, towels, charms, notebooks, folders and even tapes in the set and it gives you more option to choose from each category of prizes so you will likely get a prize that you really like!

If you are a fan of Galarian Ponyta, just bought out the whole set (I am serious) to collect everything without needing to hunt down stuff, if you are just a casual fan of Pokemon, you can try a few tickets and add some of this amazing things into your collection! For $12 to get amazing stuffs is really worth it!


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design9: Very dramatic indeed!
Top Prizes8: Unique Globe and plush, only down part is more Pikachu
Small Prizes9: Excellent Small prizes! Makes you feel very unique about this set, most prizes here don’t appear often in other sets!
Last Prize7: Great alternate art in case you never get prize A
Monetary Value8: Great value for the things you getting for only $12!
Collection Value6: Charms are slightly harder to collect, the rest are not too bad
Overall78.33% B+: Very good set overall, feels fresh! Hope to see more like these!

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