One Piece Wano Country Second Act

One Piece Ichiban Kuji is so common that you can expect one in every 3 months. That being said, it does not mean that it’s a bad thing! Fans of the anime can now expand their collection with more variety of figures!

This is the second series to the One Piece Wano Arc, so fans of the arc can continue their collection here!

Retail Price: SGD 13 per tix

Total Tickets: 80

Release Date: Jan 2021

Ticket price wise is pretty standard and the total ticket as well, nothing too extraordinary for the pricing and total ticket.

Prize A (2 pieces)

For one of the rare times the top price is a double figure! Ace and Otama made their debut in the One Piece series as a duo (I mean like duh, Otama debuts here, silly me)! They look amazing and I believe this is the piece that everyone is looking for in this set.

Also a note that this is the only Emorial Vignette figure in the set (except Last Prize), the others are Masterlise !

Prize B (2 pieces)

Almost every one piece set has a Luffy, so it’s quite common to see him here, that being said, it does not mean that it’s a bad thing! This is his second appearance int the Wano series. Luffy in this set wears a dope samurai armor (Totally different from the previous Wano series)! I mean can you not love this figure by looking at it!

Prize C ( 2 pieces)

If Luffy is a common characters in every Kuji set, then Zoro would be next in line in terms of commonality. Again, it’s really not a bad thing. This is also his second appearance in the Wano series. He wields one of his sword and you can see the precision of the figure by looking at his scars.

With Luffy and Zoro being in this set, Nami being release in the previous Wano set, I believe the rest of the members will be out in future Wano Kuji sets.

Prize D (2 pieces)

Oden makes his debut in the One Piece series. He looks absolutely amazing. I do hope that he is not being underappreciated given how amazing the other figures look, because his sculpt is so great and he is a pretty new character.

Prize E (1 piece) (See the pun here)

Hiyori makes her second appearance in the One Piece series, which her first being in the One Piece Hana Girl’s collection. She has an amazing sculpt like everyone else. It’s just a bit sad that there is only 1 piece of her figure in every set, so she is the rare character to look out for.

Prize F (7 pieces)

This is the first of the face motion figure in the One Piece series. This wave of figures features Sanji, Zoro, Hiyori and Toko, all looks amazing and if you didn’t get any top prizes, this would be a great consolation prize!

There are 7 pieces in this set and they are blinds, so you cannot choose what you want, there are 2 pieces for 3 of the characters and 1 piece for the 4th. I am not sure who is the one with only 1 piece but I am guessing it’s Toko?

Prize G (16 pieces)

Plates are normally one of the lower tier prizes in a Kuji set, but this plate series is amazing! There are 8 designs, with 4 being a round plate and the other 4 being a fan looking plate that forms a circle when placed together! Designs on the plates are just amazing, the round plates features characters from Prize B to E and the fan plates features all the straw hat crew members!

There are 16 pieces in every set and each plates have 2 pieces. The plates are blinded too but they allow you to choose between the round and fan design, so if you are looking to get only the fan plates, you can just choose the fan plates blind boxes!

Prize H (24 pieces)

The color paper is just amazing, great for displaying purposes! Sometimes they get underappreciated because of how good the top prizes are but you can clearly see the effort that is being made into each of these display piece!

There are 24 pieces is each set and 8 designs in total, so each design has 3 pieces in each set.

Prize I (24 Pieces)

Folders can be underappreciated at times too, but regardless, the design is amazing as always, each folder prize comes with 2 characters featured in the Wano Country arc. There are some characters that featured multiple times for different designs.

There are 24 pieces and 8 designs, with each design having 3 pieces in every set.

Last Prize

If you didn’t get your Prize A, then buying out to get the Last Prize to get this amazing duo figure works as well! The variation does not differs too much, only Ace’s skin tone is a bit different but looks superb as well! This is a great motivator for anyone to buy out the tickets!


Ace and Otama2.5%
Small Figure8.75%
Color Paper30%


Probability of getting at least one big prize (A to E) Tickets Bought


With so many One Piece figure being release every year it can get tiring collecting them, but if Bandai makes an effort to make them look irresistible to buy, there is nothing a fan can do but to purchase tickets. The design for the prizes are amazing so if you are a collector you can just purchase 20 tickets to hope to get one or more figure and slowly hunt down the others. If not, buying a few tickets from this set won’t harm since they are amazing prizes and if you are truly a One Piece fan, you will love them!

The fan plate is really unique and I believe it’s something that will have value. The figures look great in general and the small prizes are not too bad for $13 so if you really like this arc in the anime, I suggest you to play!


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design9: Great Theme, all prizes looks fresh and can see the effort put in
Top Prizes8: Good figurine, not too much repeated characters
Small Prizes7: Very well design small prizes, the plates is really creative, the others are pretty standard item but at least they give you 2 files.
Last Prize8: Variant of ACE and Otama but it’s a great double figure so no complains about it being Last.
Monetary Value8: Small figures inclusive, worthy.
Collection Value6: Hard to get Hiyori and all 4 small figurines and even the plates, the others are easy to get but quite a handful to collect.
Overall76.67% B+: Your above average One Piece set that doesn’t feel like it’s released just for the sake of it.

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