Kamen Rider Sabre No. 1


Sabre is 2021 Kamen Rider, Ichiban Kuji follows the trend of introducing the rider of the year to kick start their annual Kuji release.

Retail Price: SGD 13 per tix

Total Tickets: 70

Release Date: Jan 2021

The price of the ticket is standardize but the total number of tickets is lesser than usual. Normally it would mean that it’s slightly easier to get what you want, let’s see how your odds would fair here.

Prize A (2 pieces)

The top prize is definitely Kamen Rider Sabre, this is a massive SOFVICS figure that has all the details you need for a cool looking figure. If you are a main rider collector that has been collecting their large massive Kuji figure, Saber would add value to your collection. Even if you don’t like this figure, you can sell or trade them for something you like, regardless, it has the quality to be the top prize.

Prize B (15 pieces)

This is an awesome cool looking visual art. It features riders from the current and past era. You will be able to select your preferred designs and it’s fairly easy to get them. The visual art comes with a stand so you don’t have to hang them or stick them up your wall, you can just display on a table.

There are 15 pieces, 7 designs have 2 pieces in every set and 1 design has 1, I am not sure which is the one, but I am surprised that Bandai didn’t even up the numbers to 16.

Prize C (16 pieces)

The towels are amazing, they always are, just when compared to other prizes they really cannot stand out. You will be able to choose your preferred designs as well, so you can pick your favorite riders from this selection!

There are 16 pieces and 8 designs for this prize, so each design has 2 pieces in a set.

Prize D (15 pieces)

The coasters return again with 8 more designs to add to your collection. 7 of them features the rider belt buckle while 1 is Fourze school club design. All are attractive in their way.

There is again 15 pieces and 8 designs for this prize, so 7 of them have 2 pieces in a set while 1 only has 1 piece, not sure which one.

Prize E (6 pieces)

This is the first time a Palmlise figure is introduced into the series, they are almost as details as the Masterlise figures but they are smaller, palm size to be exact which explains the name. They do lack some paintings like Zi-O’s driver is not painted, but it’s a small prize so don’t have too much expectations as you have for the big prize!

Since these are the first set of Palmlist figures released, you might want to consider getting all 4 of them to start off your Palmlist collection.

There are 6 pieces and 4 designs, Saber and Zi-O have 2 pieces in each set while the other 2 only has 1 piece.

Prize F (8 pieces)

The Deforme-X figures are back again, this prize features all riders from the Sabre series! All of them looks amazing. Since this is the first series of Sabre riders for Deforme-X, if you want to collet, this would be a great way to start your collection. My guess is that Sabre will return in future sets so focus on getting the other 4.

There are 8 pieces in each set and 5 designs, the above 3 have 2 pieces in a set while 2 others only have 1 piece.

Prize G (8 pieces)

Another wave of legendary riders Deforme-X continues! If you are not sure what are legendary riders; every year for Kamen Rider Kuji set, it’s common for Bandai to introduce Legendary Riders figure which is meant to help fans of Kamen Rider expand their collection by introducing new riders every Kuji set (there are so many Kamen Riders, s 1 set can definitely not fit all of them!

Some of the riders have been released before in earlier Kuji set; Kabuto, Fourze, Gattack have all been release before (with different poses), but for new buyer, this is not going to be an issue! If you pull duplicates or something you didn’t want for the figure you can always sell or trade it away!

There are 8 pieces and 7 designs, 1 design have 2 pieces in each set while the others have 1 piece, I am not sure which one is it.

Last Prize

The Last Prize is a double figure pack featuring Zero One and Sabre, both Riders Deforme X figure are not exclusive to this prize but the poses for these 2 Riders as well as the base is unique to this prize. It’s a great prize to motivate a buy out.


Sabre SOFVICS2.85%
Visual Art21.43%
Palmlise Figure8.57%
Sabre Deforme X Figure11.43%
Legend Riders Deforme X Figure11.43%


Probability of getting a least one figure prize (A, E, F or G)Tickets Bought


Kamen Rider Kuji is usually less popular than the other themes, however, their prizes are usually one of the better ones! It’s easier for you to obtain a figure prize by just purchasing 1 ticket. The small prizes are also not bad given that they are not blinds so you can pick your favorite rider design. If you are a Kamen Rider Figure collector, you can start by buying 10 or 20 tickets and hunt down what you never get. If you are a fan of a certain series Rider, if they appear in prize B, C or D, you can play 1 ticket to try your luck!

The prizes are good in their way, so you can try your luck by playing 1 ticket or just buy a few to increase your odds!


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design7: Pretty standard design for Kamen Rider
Top Prizes9: Good figurine, lots of small figurines too.
Small Prizes8: Very well design small prizes
Last Prize6: Although Unique but the individual figurines has been released before, only the base is worth the buyout, was hoping they gave us 2 exclusive Riders.
Monetary Value7: Decent value
Collection Value3: Very hard to get all Riders, especially the Palmlise. Small prizes easy to get.
Overall66.67% B-: Pretty standard Kamen Rider set to welcome Saber to the series, it’s more to attract fans to continue buying their products, hence the variation of things to collect.

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