DC Comics Bear Bricks


Retail Price: 730 Yen

Total Tickets: 80

Released Date: 12 Dec 2020

Happy Kuji: You get what you pull, no choosing of designs required

Happy Kuji launches another campaign once again, this time featuring Bear brick with the DC comics theme. This is the first installment of DC comics Bear Brick, so you won’t have to worry about getting similar prizes from previous set.

SP Prize (1 piece)

Prize Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is a gigantic 400% Bear Brick. Superman is the prize that you should look out for and also pretty much the reason why anyone would want to play this. You can essentially get it a 1 ticket! That is so worth and a top notch Kuji prize. If you are a collector, this is definitely something that you want to add to your collection!

Pair Figures (7 pieces)

Design: 7

Distribution: 7 x 1 piece each.

Prize Rating:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

What is better than pulling a figure from a ticket? That is pulling 2 figures! This double pack set is amazing not only does it have a pair of characters that should be packed as a pair, but the background in the box looks great as well.

Supergirl and Doomsday are limited to this set, so you can only obtain them from the pairs. As for the rest, if you do pull them, you essentially save the need to get them for your single packs, so nothing to lose on your end as well!

Figure (30 pieces)

Design: 15

Distribution: 15 x 2 pieces each.

Prize Rating:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Looking at these gives you a lot of good feeling doesn’t it? The great range of characters in the set and how well they are design. If you don’t have a preference then I believe you will be happy regardless of figure you get! As mentioned, some characters appeared in the pair packs, but regardless they are really nice and either one should make your day!

Poster Prize (42 pieces)

Design: 21

Distribution: 21 x 2 pieces each. Blind box

Prize Rating:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Okay so having a poster normally would be amazing, but getting a poster from this set sure is a different case. The posters’ design are nice (well at least for half of them), but I believe everyone would prefer a figure over a poster. And again, if you are a true fan, any of these would be a great prize for you, I mean they are already very nice to give so many figures, so with the ratio and the quality of this small prize, no complains.

Last Prize

L@ST賞 BE@RBRICK 400% [バットマン]

Well if we have Superman as the SP prize, then Batman would definitely be the last prize. The value for Batman might not be as high as Superman, but as a last prize and also a 400% figure, there would definitely have a value in it.

A very good motivator for a buyout and keep the set alive even if there are tons of posters left.


Superman 400%1.25%
Pair Figures / A particular Pair Figures8.75%/1.25%
Figures/ A particular Figure37.5%/2.5%


Probability of getting at least one Big Prize (SP or figures)Tickets Bought


Happy Kuji main objective, like it’s name, is to make buyers happy, anything you pull here supposed to make you happy. Well that’s true in a way, but when you have segregation of prizes, there tends to be comparison and little appreciation towards the small prizes (poster). Regardless, it’s a great set. For bear bricks fans, if you are into DC comics, this is a must to get. For DC comics fan, having a bear brick figure to keep isn’t that bad, or if you are into posters then this would be a great set to purchase.

If you fall into the 2 categories of customers that might be interested in this set, you can try getting just a few tickets (5 or less) and try your luck, you are likely to get at least 1 figure and you can decorate your room with the posters. Collecting everything can be an issue since the odds are not good, I would strongly suggest you to buyout the whole 80 piece so you don’t have to hunt them down individually.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design9: Great for Bearbrick and DC comics lover!
Top Prizes9: It’s a figurine, nothing bad about them!
Small Prizes3: When we have too many figure prize, poster becomes a prize people will hate especially since it’s easy to get a figure.
Last Prize10: Unique and super worth! It’s a 400% Batman! What else can you ask for!
Monetary Value8: Very good chance to get a figure!
Collection Value3: Good luck collecting everything (including posters). Some characters are popular so super hard to find.
Overall70% B: Fairly good set that makes you happy easily but also can break your day if you never get the figure. will buy regardless of what I give!

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